Why does the Imp. Chaparral has now missiles with a smoketrail?

Is this a bug or intended an if it is a bug can someone make a report?

Handwave something about “Game Balance”.

that makes no sense because the strela sits at the same br and is 10x better

Did you check to see if they added smoke trails to it too?

The strela Always Had a big trail. But one of the Main Features of this missle Always was the smokeless motor

They did the same thing with the Japanese Type 93 and Type 81, and they were also the first to get new modules to nerf their survivability… which is already after randomly lowering the thermals of the Type 93 from Gen 2 to Gen 1 in a stealth nerf and doubling the weight, but despite being a 5 ton vehicle it has no mass and struggles to drive over a wooden fence.

Hmm I wonder where that AA is at.

Oh well, lets just kill it through this building.


Its a bug