Why does the Bkan 1C take 110k rp to research?

I was wondering why the Bkan 1C was 110k and all of the other tier 4 vehicles are less. The Bkan is 6.7 yet the strv 81 and Ikv 91 are 7.7 but only need 82k to research. The charioteer is also at the same BR bracket (its 6.3) yet only need 63k to research. All of this really confuses me, does anyone have any answers?

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Hi,it’s because of the 155mm canon that is one shot one kill mechanism. However it is ridiculously high even with lack of armor that he has.

Tiers have a set amount of RP to clear them, the less vehicles the more RP per vehicle.

Something along those lines. It has nothing to do with the individual vehicle but is about a “balanced progression” between nations, who all vary with vehicles per Tier.

The previous comment is not accurate (that would be its BR placement, not research cost).

Yea you are right man am just dumb XD.

Many will uptier than cannon

What do u mean?

Players will put it in higher BR line ups