Why does Gaijin refuse to address Matchmaker and the BR system?

This has been posted a million times with ZERO response from gaijin, my latest fix is to just start leaving every match im bottom br.

I enjoy playing some slower paced 8.0 but it is a known issue that certain BR will nearly always be uptiered, this is a major issue at 8.0 because you’re facing most tanks with Stabilizers, Laser rangefinders, composite armor, era and darts. this creates a very underwhelming experience for a br that could be really fun.

I wonder how many players (and alot of income) they have lost due to frustrated players… all because of a simple fix they refuse to address


It isn’t a “known issue”, that is just how the matchmaker was designed. Maybe that is why they haven’t “fixed” it…

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They are addressing the BR system.

That sounds like it’s Mainly for planes that perform poorly in 1 mode but excel in another (strike aircraft)

I think this guy missed the “for example” part

Separating ground and air BRs changes how they analyze and balance BRs for vehicles.

They responded several times…there are regular BR adjustments and discussion…
The “issue” is that it is NOT an “issue” and therefore does not need a “fix”. :) It is as the game is designed…

PERSONALLY i would like to see a 0.7 spread be tested…but less than that would create other different issues…


Get used to (full) up tiers or play a different game.

Those are your only 2 options.

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Just to be clear…you aware that you cannot be (full) uptiered if somebody else isn’t top tier…right? SO…everygame MOST players are NOT fully uptiered… :)
(Although most are indeed uptiered…but i am assuming that players complaining here don’t always distinguish a 0.3, 0.7 or 1 uptier…)

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Up tiers are at least 70% of games… it is an Extremely common occurrence. Sure, not everyone is in a FULL 1.0 up tier, but even those are extremely common…

hence why i put full in parenthesis

It’s a mathematically explainable even:

Take a match with 12 vehicles each side, BR. 5.7 to 6.7… If evenly distributed, we have:

3x 5.7 (fully uptiered)
3x 6.0 (partially uptiered)
3x 6.3 (slightly uptiered)
3x 6.7 (fully downtiered)

Human nature says 75% of all players feel they’re uptiered, and only the top 25% feel downtiered.

Sure, differences in how probably those occurences are are there, based on what BR’s are favoured at any given time, and this changes continuously. Some BR’s thus just will face more uptiers, others feel this pressure a bit less.

But yes, in roughly 3/4 of all atches one has to expect that at least someone is in a better psoition BR-wise…

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This right here is why we see so many complaints about “uptiers”. Being 6.3 in a 6.7-5.7 match is not an uptier, it’s a partial downtier.

“The glass is one-quarter empty” is not a thing, it’s three-quarters full.

Imho you are technically seen not wrong, but imho the main issue is not an uptier - it is the actual combat effectiveness of a vehicle facing another with a BR 1.0 difference whilst being in the same classification (like MBT or Fighter).

So the question is more likely:

Hold gaijins claim (that every vehicle has a realistic fighting chance facing a similar vehicle 1.0 BR higher) any water or not?

yup… i didnt know the exact numbers., but yes, those are my experiences, for the most part.

They will actually do?

I mean separating BR is good idea but, we don’t know some attackers gets higher BR in air such as A-10, Su-25/Su-25K, Harriers those were complenty ruined Jet matches.

It would be funny if they gets lower BR in air because “iTs pErFoRmAnCe Is BaD REEEEEEEE”.

Well human mind is usually more like “What do you mean half full or half empty?!? MY glass is to be full! And it must be a bigger glass!!!”

Su-25K is 10.0 because of its air RB performance, nothing to do with ground.
Same with A-10, nothing to do with ground.

Queue times and general laziness is why the matchmaking system is a very basic bare bones setup. There are too many game modes, vehicle types, and a huge amount of vehicles and BR spread versus a small player base that is spread way too thin to have a complicated system that would increase queue times.
Those queue times are the god worshipped by Gaijin and everything else is sacrificed to that god.
Also a complicated system taking into account crew skills, vehicle modifications, vehicle performance ( loosely dealt with now by BR system), and the elephant in the room player skill is a way too difficult, complicated and hard task to accomplish when you want to put in the absolute minimum effort for a return.

IDK about A-10A but, Su-25 changed BR to 10.0 as part of changes for Ground RB.

Whatever, If they made the proper changes to the ARB BR, attackers that has all aspect missiles should not face against flareless subsonics or early supersonics.