Why Does Gaijin HATE Australia

With the confirmation of the soon to be implemented T-90 Bhishma (an Indian T-90 variant) to the British tech tree, this makes me question yet again all of the responses and countering debates for the Australian M1A1 Abrams been part of the British tech tree.

My opinion, and that of every single Australian WarThunder player that I have spoken to, is that the Australian M1A1 Abrams (which is incorrectly modelled by the way) should always have been located within the British tech tree; very obvious reasons as to why, but this isn’t the specific focus point.

The community, and Gaijin, stated (paraphrasing here): “Australia is not a nation that is represented within WarThunder, as such, the Australian M1A1 Abrams goes to the nation of manufacture (USA)”. This does ignore the fact that unlike India, Australia actually has the same head of state as the British; the equipment of the Australian military is owned by the same individual (King Charles III) as the British military (so, Australia is indeed represented in WarThunder).

India, which is an independent/sovereign state and has a lesser connection to the British in comparison to Australia, is getting their vehicle added to the British tech tree. Although I have not looked much into the range of military vehicles used by the Indian military, I’m sure that they could possibly have their own tech tree; or just do what the majority want and have a Commonwealth tech tree.

So in order to be consistent, this must dictate either of two things:

  1. The Indian T-90 must go to the USSR tech tree due to the same logic as the Australian Abrams going to the USA tech tree, OR,

  2. Gaijin simply hates Australia; which is also why all Australian vehicles (except for the Abrams and Beaufort) are pay-to-play; which is forgivable when there are one or two vehicles and thus the option is limited, but there are a few Australian vehicles that they could have implemented within the tech tree, or, could at least model correctly.

I’m leaning towards Gaijin just hating Australia/Australians.

Move the Indian T-90 to the USSR tech tree and be at a minimum slightly consistent please.


Gaijin doesn’t hate Australia, they hate Britain, the M1A1 AIM is better than nearly all of Britain’s top tier ground atm, and we can’t have Britain being competitive can we? I mean I’m not a ground player, but Britain should have A-4K (RNZAF service) imo, and I was thinking about the F-16 (F-16 deal RNZAF), the latter I can understand not being implemented as it never materialized but as it is more conceivable than the F-16AJ in the Japanese tech tree and Britain doesn’t have any fourth generation fighters, I believe Britain should get them.


Theory: Someone in Gaijin HQ must have had their heart broken by a British (or someone from a Commonwealth country) person, and now they are hell-bent on making the British tech tree at top tier just a void and unpleasant experience as associated retribution.

But really, if the Indian T-90 gets added to the British tech tree and other Commonwealth vehicles are not moved around appropriately, this is confirmation that Gaijin hates the British, Australians, New Zealanders, and Canadians. And! is lesser words, a statement that we all can just go and f@ck ourselves.


I have harped on about this before, but the M1A1 AIM should be in the British tree along with all current and future Australian vehicles.
It’s even worse for Canada, their vehicles are split between THREE tech trees at the moment.


As a Kiwi, I am deeply hurt by gaijin’s failed addition of the A-4K Skyhawk :((


I can’t imagine that Gajin will mess with the US community. Vehicles with US tech or of US orgiin will always go to the US TT.

It might be different with other nation’s vehicles, though.

More like Gaijin hate everyone that not Russia and China

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Which is inconsistent with Gaijin’s own statements on what vehicles go to what tech tree.

They prioritise of all else the nation that put the specific vehicle into service, and the Australian specific Abrams is only in service with Australia and was specifically designed for the requirements set forth. Only when a nation is not found in WT does the vehicle go the the nation of design/manufacture.

For anyone stating that Australia is not represented in WT, well, it is. Technically, there is no “Australia” tech tree, and even if there was, all of Australia’s military equipment is owned by the king and not the country. However! this is the exact same situation for the British, technically, all of their military equipment is also owned by the king and not the nation. So again, for consistency, either remove ALL vehicles from the British tech tree which are owned by the crown as the nation doesn’t own any of them, or, acknowledge reality, that just like the British, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and others do have their militaries under the king and so all of their equipment.

India however, is independent from the crown. The Indian T-90 has no place in the British tech tree, the tank is of Russian design and build, and when a country is not represented which India is not as they do not fall under the crown, the tank goes to the nation of manufacture or design; USSR/Russia.

It’s also rather insulting to reduce real countries and people as been nothing more than a void concept in order to facilitate the opinions of the ignorant.

What kills me even more, is that Gaijin acknowledges that the Challenger is bad and the British top tier needs help. But they give them a tank that is better than the Challenger and Arietes, so technically an improvement, but it’s still one of the worst top tiers you can play…

The Australian Abrams would have actually helped by giving the tree a mobile and actually capable vehicle.

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That’s what I mean, as a Britain main I am utterly pissed at their decisions, we won’t have a fourth gen fighter till the Typhoon appears, and why in the hell are they adding the FRS.1 Early??? It’s a copy paste FRS.1 SQN vehicle but with 2 less AIM-9L slots, there is NO POINT. Oh yeah, F-4M/K should get AIM-9L too :)

With India now in the British Tree because its “commonwealth” I wonder if the Australian Abrams in the US tree is getting moved to us/duplicate added?

We both know it won’t.

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It’s is pretty funny that British mains are complains about non British vehicles not being in the British tech tree, out of all the reasons to say that gaijin hates Britain this has to easily be the worst

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Would you like an example of correct vehicle placement by country of use?
German G.91, an Italian aircraft used by Germany, it’s in the German tech tree not the Italian tech tree, the M1A1 AIM is used by Australia, part of the COMMONWEALTH. The Commonwealth is led by Great Britain, so it should go under Great Britain.

If you are going to make that argument, the CAC Wirraway, an Australian North American NA-16 is in the British tech tree, and the CAC Boomerang, a development of that is in the British tech tree. By your argument the F-4J (UK) should be in the American tech tree because it is an American plane, along with every other American plane in game.

Its just the hypocrisy. We get a Indian vehicle that doesnt even remotely fit into the rest of the tree, in either aesthetics, purpose, playstyle or BR but an Abrams that would, is given to US (which is the only other place it could go)

Does Australia and other nations like Canada, need to be better represented yes. But their vehicles would actually fit better in the British tree than India’s Soviet stuff. if we have to get Commonwealth nation stuff, lets at least get the Commonwealth stuff that fits into the tree. Do I want an Abrams in the British TT (A little) but mostly no, not at the moment.


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Gaijin is an Hungarian company, Hungary is a western nation. A-5C is a Chinese export jet.

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Eh… that is questionable. Their HQ moved to Hungary from Moscow about 2015 I think. (but I dont think they transfered fully till much later, 2021-2022, at least I recall seeing their google page displaying a Moscow HQ until about then) But most of their devs are still located in and around Moscow and the company was founded by Russians and was a “Russian Company” for about 15 years before that. Moving HQs doesnt mean they arent still Russian. Apple has a HQ in Ireland, doesnt make them an Irish company

Gaijin Entertainment is a Russian video game developer and publisher headquartered in Budapest.”

Gaijin Entertainment - Wikipedia.

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