Why does contrailing always happen at about 18,000 feet?

So contrails are dependent on a lot of things, specific atmospheric conditions need to exist for it to happen.
In war thunder it always happens at around 18,000 feet give or take the temperature of the map.

I fly a jet almost everyday for work and we don’t even contrail at 35,000 feet most of the time.

I think gaijin needs to revamp the system and actually take a closer look into this because its just silly to me I can see jets start contrailing at 18k.



Most planes in WT don’t/can’t reach 35K MSL. I think it was done for the “cinematiciness” and maybe as a “tale” to make aircraft more identifiable at distances.
Its just a game.


It’s Gaijin’s way of balancing CAS. Just like storm and low cloud cover weather every game.

People used to fly high up in SPAA radar blindspot and drop GBUs safely. The bad weather conditions on the other hand are meant to balance lower tier games.

It’s cheap, I don’t like it and IMO as a CAP main, it just hampers my ability to hunt CAS before they drop their load while not so much affecting CAS.

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Contrails or is it Chemtrails Conspiracy?

We will see if they listen

I believe there was a comment made by Staff about it… no idea where now tho… may have been in one of the numerous RR Threads…

Unfortunately, WT doesn’t have weather and the grass and trees you see swinging in the wind are fake.
Until we get weather, we’re stuck with ISA, or whatever GJ set as default weather.

iirc that’s a balancing decision to make aircraft more visible

If this bothers you wait till you see the incorrect rudder input on mouse aim, the ground effect vacuum of death completely ignoring thrust over pitch physics, under G and over G through the game modes and uhhh… If you look closely some instruments on some aircraft does not match what the aircraft is doing.

Would be nice if this info was kept somewhere, so much information we have to pry out of staff members and then gets lost again because it’s in a random thread.


The wiki seriously needs to have someone hired, do testing and be updated. This is a professional game company, yet their wiki is way more outdated than any high-dev velocity SS13 server’s.

The problem is that everything seems to be on a volunteer basis so no one actually cares or has a reason to do more than just the bare minimum, and everything is understaffed and overworked it appears, same on the Steam forums… bug reports are months behind where the majority gets ignored… and when it finally gets acknowledged it’s 6 months later and they get locked down within a week if you’re not actively following it.

Actually hiring people who are passionate and actually are interested in improving things would be nice, it’s frustrating when as a player you care more about the state of things than the people in charge.

That entire statement is False…

Every single member of the international Staff, including all the Admins / CMs / Entire Volunteer Forum / Tech / suggestion and Game Masters, and everyone else I forgot to mention… are staff from this very community…

We are hand picked from this very community because we are very passionate about the Game and the Direction of the game…

We would not be hand picked if it wasnt the case…

Many things just takes time… there is tons of Testing and then R&D then Testing and so on to do, and that takes time, there are a great many things to take into consideration that you are unaware of… so, it just takes patience and understanding…

It is the Developers game after all… and they have a direction they want to go in, but we are all along for the ride and the community has the ability to help aid the direction of the game…