Why does an 11.3 tank have such poor thermal and cost $70?

your US teammate belike XDDDDDDDDDDD

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It’s in a name.

Click-bait was a social experiment to see whether people would buy anything named Abrams


Oh I don’t at all. However this argument is often used. For example, if you find a prototype of the T-80B/U that has thermals, then it gets applied across the board to all the T-80B/Us. However if you find a prototype Abrams with DU armor, then it does not get applied for “reasons”…

Lots of vehicles are in fact fictional in the way that they are presented in the game in some aspect. I don’t see why the logic should cease to apply to a premium at 11.3 where all the competition has gen 2+ thermals.

they should just remove the click bait from the store permanently. 11.0 america is just awful, the teams are worse than they have ever been, having america on your match usually results in a steam roll.

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Speaking of double standards, the only source that an F-16AJ prototype existed is a statement made in the Japanese House of Representatives. The HSTV-L on the other hand has similar support from the US House and testing documents supporting the claim that the round it has in-game should have 350+ mm of pen or greater.

Show me Leo 2 with gen 2 gunner thermals that is not 2A7 or 2PL lol. The only nation having more gen 1 gunner thermals at 11.7 tanks than Germany is Sweden with their Strvs and 2A6 simply cause they have more Leos than Germany.

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That’s fair. Germany and Sweden should get them too. The leopards do have much stronger turrets though, so they at least have the benefit of players having to spend a bit more time to aim than on the abrams to make up for the thermals.

You do realize that the Click Bait is a tank that is a million times more agile? With incomparably better gun handling and firepower?

You’re gonna have them be the same BR because one has slightly better thermals? Or do you think the Click Bait (with the recently buffed reload) belongs anywhere else but 11.3?

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Pro Tip : Don’t buy a Top Tier Premium but ones at around 8BR and have more fun with those if needed because Top Tier Matches suck and Gaijin won’t fix.

Gaijin moved away from penetration documents a while ago. It is all with a standardized formula.

I’m aware of that. But Gaijin has never disclosed what values they inserted for the formula or what documents they were relying upon to get those values. So color me skeptical when all the actual documents claim that the penetration is better than the M774.

From my understanding, they use the dimensions of the round and weight, or whatever is needsled for that formula, of the round itself. The only data they dont look at is the penetration tests.

I understand why they do it.

Yep. How do they know the dimensions?

(Answer: they don’t actually know- because documents stating those values don’t exist, at least not on the internet.)

Your first mistake was to purchase anything in this game at full price…

In that case, they most likely scaled down the dimensions of a known round.

If they just take what government/company says the pen is for this round, then why not use the other governments/companies claims for other rounds? Then we are back to the old system.

As a general rule they shouldn’t. That wasn’t the point though. The point is that they fudge the vehicles when it suits them and to point out their double standard regarding their reliance on documents.

The HSTV-L specifically doesn’t require you to assume that much to get the values asserted by the testing documents. The values that Gaijin would have to have used to get the numbers it has in-game make no sense though.

I am confused. Are you saying that we have most of the information about the round or that gaijin should model the round to fit the testing document penetration?

We have some of the values from the testing docs (e.g. velocity, density, and mass), but not the actual dimensions of the dart (width and length). I’d encourage you to read the post I linked above and just play around with some values in the calculator.

I am saying we don’t have a lot of the information and that the testing document values do not seem inaccurate if you make some modest assumptions about the width and length. But whatever values gaijin used do not make any sense at all (and they have no actual source for those values).

Pretty irrelevant when they have Gen 2 commander thermals and an LRF

Ah, i see. Assuming the dimensions dont need to be excessive in order to match the testing performance, i am not opposed to it getting changed in game.