Why does an 11.3 tank have such poor thermal and cost $70?

Hello everyone, I believe this could be a suggestion for the developers to pass on to the higher-ups and analyze.

As part of the premium package 11.3, we have an M1A1 Abrams Click Bait, but despite the tank delivering mostly excellent protection and mobility, it is too expensive to not have a CLEAR thermal vision. This issue should be fixed because it’s outrageous to pay less for 10.0 or 9.3 tanks with clearer thermals than a tank that you paid $70 for and still can’t properly identify if the enemy tank is disabled or alive at a reasonable distance of 1km or more.


T72 TURMS 10.0 thermal



Another problem is being able to customize what we could leave above the tank, so that Russian HE ammunition or other vehicle ammunition like the FV and similar ones can precisely hit these “elements” that for some reason have physics and collision. This causes the crew in the turret to be knocked out under pressure.

Another suggestion or bug, I’m not sure how to phrase this, but even after you recover the gunner in a few seconds, the turret of all vehicles ends up not functioning correctly, it becomes immobile and unable to fire the next round. I see this happening a lot with Abrams and T72 turms and their variants, if you’ve noticed this, I need you to comment on this problem so we can address it more thoroughly in another topic.

Returning to the subject of the M1A1 ABRAMS CLICK BAIT, as mentioned, its thermal vision does not correspond to a top-tier 11.3 tank. And I wouldn’t mind if it gained clear thermal vision and went up to 11.7, this would actually help because we could use it with other vehicles, be they planes or tanks of the same battle rank.

I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way, since paying $70 for a vehicle that has everything good but lacks a worthy thermal vision for its 11.3 bracket is very disappointing.

The last suggestion is to reduce the noise of the engines of the light tanks Bradley and their latest versions of light tanks on the right side of the American tree, they are not as noisy as the game represents them to be! They are much quieter compared to the engines of the T80 and T90M and their previous versions, and there are American tanks.

Adding to the previous suggestion, I say that there are several tanks that could indeed have the ability to use the commander’s reticle, but for some reason it’s not allowed. As a combat vehicle for wars, not providing the commander’s reticle, which is crucial for the crew in a conflict zone where you can be hit at any time, and to minimize these chances, the commanders are vigilant through these reticles.

I hope you assist me with these suggestions to the developers and notice that 11.3 should already have a significantly CLEAR thermal vision and commanders for all other BR classifications within the game that use their respective reticles to help the player.

Thank you, that’s all!


the thermals are histrorical though

The M1A1 HC doesnt have a CITV


There’s nothing to fix. Its a rank 7, price is based on rank, and they’re not going to give it fictionally crisp thermals just because players have ‘buyer’s regret’.


Buys tank with early gen thermal

Why is my thermal low gen?!


M1A1 Click Bait

I mean… 🤷‍♂️lol


Its not allowed because this model of M1A1 didn’t have a commander sight. Commander control was done by duplicating the feed from the gunner sight.

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The jokes do write themselves sometimes


Wait until you find out Challenger 2, Type 96P, etc have gen 2 thermals as premiums.
And Type 16 has gen 3 thermals as a premium.

the M1A1 Click-Bait is a USMC M1A1 HC, which did not have Gen 3 thermals nor CITV.

This community never fails to amaze me


It’s okay. Your takes balance out these ones.

They should take the route of the F-16AJ. It COULD mount gen 2 thermals, or even gen 3 thermals, so it should have them. It’s ridiculous how limited the US is in the thermals department when it historically has been the most advanced.

If they aren’t going to take those steps, then they should have added a tank with Gen 2/3 thermals instead, such as the M1A1 SA.

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my thoughts exactly, absolutely lack perception outside of their own needs/wants.
Unable to even slightly comprehend anything else.

Something tells me you wouldn’t want that logic applied to other nations.

I can tell you have a hole in your wallet and an underbite from this post

False equivalence fallacy.
F-16AJ is a prototype and doesn’t have any equipment it didn’t have IRL.

M1A1 HC is a production tank and has all of its correct equipment.

your US teammate belike XDDDDDDDDDDD

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It’s in a name.

Click-bait was a social experiment to see whether people would buy anything named Abrams


Oh I don’t at all. However this argument is often used. For example, if you find a prototype of the T-80B/U that has thermals, then it gets applied across the board to all the T-80B/Us. However if you find a prototype Abrams with DU armor, then it does not get applied for “reasons”…

Lots of vehicles are in fact fictional in the way that they are presented in the game in some aspect. I don’t see why the logic should cease to apply to a premium at 11.3 where all the competition has gen 2+ thermals.

they should just remove the click bait from the store permanently. 11.0 america is just awful, the teams are worse than they have ever been, having america on your match usually results in a steam roll.

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