Why does aiming in naval battles suck so bad

I’ve played the aircraft battles for a long time but it got boring so I tried switching to naval. I’m in the heavy cruiser class and have a crew rated ace. When I fire all guns on the ship they land in two different groups. One way ahead of the target and one way behind the target. They never land in the same place. Always one left of target and one right of target. If I fire where the aiming circle is I’m usually a hundred yards ahead of target. I wait for the aiming circle to update but it doesn’t move. It tells me to make the same shot again which again lands a hundred yards ahead of the target. When it does update it seems like it’s about 5 seconds behind where it needs to be. I need to watch the target to see what it’s doing and adjust my shots by eye. Virtually guessing where to put the splash indicator. I have no issues adjusting for range, the range is usually pretty close but if the shells aren’t landing anywhere near the target the range doesn’t really matter. Is there a way to fix this or is it just a rather sucky part of the game??

It used to be pretty fun early on, but then they’ve ‘‘improved’’ it and it’s been miserable ever since.
Now naval just feels like the entire match you’re micro managing the aiming and fighting the systems.


I dont get it either, I spend 95% of match in gun scope too.

Maybe it’s the AB aim system? The RB system works just fine. :P

Nah they work absolutely fine.

It feels like it’s different for everyone. Me and a couple of people I know have no problem aiming. Others just can’t get it down. A tip I can give is not to rely on the circle/arrow so much. Use it as a baseline and adjust from there. Pay attention to how the distance of the ship changes, how fast and how much. Pay attention to the angle of the ship and your angle compared to them. You can aim a bit to the sides if the circle/arrow to aim for ammunition racks and other parts. For me I watched the European Canadians video on it and immediately got it down


Because you and the targets aren’t moving. It’s much harder to aim when both ships are moving.

In the test drive my ship is moving flank but yes, the other ships are stationany. Definitely easier to hit but doesn’t explain why in the test drive all my shells, primary and secondary land in the same place. Ingame my primary guns are usually horribly ahead of the target and the secondary are horribly behind target. Even if I attempt to fire and aim seperately they never land where they’re supposed to.

There is a couple moving parts to naval aiming so it’s hard to pinpoint the problem. If you haven’t already I would recommend looking at some tutorials.

I seldom if ever aim where the circle is because it’s always wrong. It’s a starting point but from there I’m usually aiming far away from where the circle is and landing closer than if I aimed where the circle is. It’s like a previous poster said - it seems like you’re just fighting the system the entire game.

I’m not totally sure about AB but the arrow/circle is not always wrong. You shouldn’t take it as the exact spot to aim. But you shouldn’t aim far away from it. Give it a chance to update before you fire to get the most accurate shot. The arrow/circle is were you aim to hit the center of the target. You can aim a bit off to hit the left or right of the target. But don’t go too far off of the point.

Thanks but as I stated before - firing within the circle always results in one set of shells landing a half mile ahead of target and a second set landing a half mile behind target. I just don’t get it.

I’m reinstalling the game now. Hopefully that helps

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If your in lower brs like destroyers they tend to move and change direction faster than later ships. This will make the point inaccurate more often. I myself have a much harder time aiming in destroyers than cruisers and battleships.

I hope you can figure it out. Feel free to ask me if you have a question on it.

And the strangest part of the whole thing is that every once in a while the aiming works great and the game is fun as hell. Then in the next round it goes to shit again

Ya that is strange. Keep at it tho. You could just need some time to get used to it. I know I did.

That’s what I’m talking about. Every shot I make, that’s the result.

I would imagine one group of shells is the primary turrets and the second group is secondaries. I’ve tried targeting the other ship to my secondary turrets and I see the targeted indicator over the other ship but the guns never fire. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Yes when you are using the “Primary and secondary fire on same button” control setting the ballistics of the 2 groups are usually completely different.

And sometimes the secondaries don’t seem to want to fire if I’m just holding the fire key down… but releasing and pressing again fixes that.