Why do we need to randomly spawn?

I’m tired of random spawn.

I was just spawning at a distance of over 1.5km from the enemy, and their airspeed is higher than mine. May I ask Gaijin, how can I intercept the enemy? Instead of wasting my points.

Alternatively, as soon as I spawned, I was within 1km of the enemy and their airspeed was higher than mine. How can I support my brothers on the ground without being intercepted by the enemy, Gaijin?

I know it’s not realistic to allow me to use my own plane or heli, but the existing mechanism is too terrible! :(


For whom? The system changed a few times over the years…some implementations had players complaining that “Bomber always dies” and/or “I cant reach the bomber”…so i guess they increased the RNG range so both player types would be happy on occasion…(or unhappy :) )
Lately i do run into more situations where the bomber is too far and can bomb before being intercepted…and i PERSONALLY preferred the previous version…but other player think differently…i guess. On the positive side…i also am able to drop bombs/rockets more times now…

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Air should be removed entirely from Arcade Ground Battles as a compromise for people wishing for a ground only game mode.

Use the distance to climb and dive on him.

And where is this a compromise?

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A compromise for players who wish for there to be a ground only game mode.

Arcade’s air component is already pointless and is there for effective suicide bombing. Removing it wouldn’t change the game mode’s conditions and would offer players who wish for a ground only game mode a game mode to suit their needs.

Yes, it’s like they have done all the wrong choices. Before, planes would spawn facing each other, you would always get the chance to intercept CAS or to avoid being intercepted. There were no situations where you couldn’t catch the CAS planes or to have interceptors spawning at 0.5km from you, and when you were playing CAS you would also always get the chance to dodge the interceptors or to have your own team escorts protect you.
Now it is all about Gaijin deciding what each player will fly and where will each one spawn, it’s a complete manipulation of the CAS mechanic and of the impact it has in each match.

Actually this is what it was changed to, you either can’t catch the “bomber” or you will certainly die in one. Whatever Gaijin decides.

If it is only good for one side, it isn’t a compromise, just nicely worded.

If you suicide bomb, you are doing it wrong. Because everyone is warned and can drive away, plenty of time. Personally, I find it is a compromise already, as RP go to tanks, not planes, and all players have equal chances in the air. And SPAA work very well too. I wouldn’t want to change the air part there.


“for one side”

In Arcade you aren’t using your own planes. You do not get research, only SL rewards.

Yes in Arcade they’re given a lead indicator.

Yet this is how the feature is used.

What’s the point?

Sure you get research points due to the usage of air.

Don’t you read what you quote? I already explained that point. You even quoted it.

They adjusted how planes spawn in AB Ground battles a long time ago. And it was clearly a huge nerf to dampen the usefulness of planes in that mode. If you spawn a bomber, there is a very good chance that an enemy fighters will spawn so close to you that they can/and will take your bomber down in mere seconds. And yeah, that is a HUGE waste of the points you had to earn to spawn it. If you had escorts, chances again are that they would spawn so far back as to be no help at all. On the other hand, as mentioned, spawning in a fighter can also leave you so far back that you will never catch or have a chance to engage other planes at all, so again . . . pretty useless. I mean the spawning system in Arcade ground battles for planes is so bad, it literally is RNG whether you can continue flying or simply “J” out & get back to your tank as fast as possible to try and contribute to the game and/or defend yourself from the planes you have no chance of catching. With this latest addition of no markers for EITHER side when in a fighter, it seems just a matter of time before they remove planes altogether and make Ground AB an actual “Tank Only” mode. I would not like that very much, but would prolly still play. But it seems pretty evident that they cannot “balance” or make “fair” the combined arms in ground battles, not well enough to please a majority of the players anyway. So, flying in AB tank games is pretty much just a roll of the dice now . . . I mean you can still do well, but they have cut that back so much now, you have to convince yourself to go up in the air, knowing . . . chances are, you will not do anything meaningful . . . just how it is . . . .
At any rate . . . good luck . . . you may need it if you fly . . . lol

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#1 If you accept limited success, attackers have a good chance to make it, as there is no evasion to missiles. They don’t deliver wholesale destruction but will give you 0-1 kill. You also have the option to fight interceptors instead.

#2 Higher up in BR, some bombers can deliver devastation, if they are not intercepted. But all players can magically see, if such a behemoth is inbound. Many have the points to intercept. And it is a rare moment to get a bomber without interception.

#3 No matter what happens, SPAA can feed on it in arcade and generate RP and SL, especially in a losing game.

#4 They have taken an interesting way of teaching this in the battle pass.

It’s the usual low quality system that we’ve come to expect from Gaijin, it’s an RNG system that either means there is either no chance to stop the plane or no chance to be stopped, complete garbage system that adds more RNG in a game that already suffers from too much RNG when it can easily be avoided.

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Yes in Ground Realistic Battles which allows you to take out your own researched aircraft.

What is the point of Air in Ground Arcade?

What does it provide for the player?

This is about arcade, and you do receive RP reward resulting from airborne scoring.

Another avenue to attack the enemy? Great view!

Yes this is about Arcade Ground Battles.

Specifically the Air portion of Arcade Ground Battles.

It serves no purpose for the game mode and removing it kills two birds with one stone.