Why do UH-1G / UH-1B suck?

I have a question for the developers :

Can you explain me why the UH-1G (8.0) is such a pain in the ass to play with just unguided rockets to unlock the UH-1B ? So you’re TRYING to get ONE kill out of the game which doesn’t even give you 1k xp with premium when you know you have to achieve 100k xp to unlock the UH-1B. I’m ruinning everyone’s game by just leaving after I’ve died. Also, some tanks seem to be rocket bullet proof because most of the time I “hit” or “crit” but it doesn’t even destroy the tank. But I think the worst part is when you have to get close and you show up, from anyside, left right or from behind you get insta shot down by 3 tanks with their multiple machine guns. Why ? Because helicopters can be heard from kilometers away. I’m not even talking about AA with radars. Literaly unplayable.

Also, the firt russian helicopter has guided rockets, same BR, compared to the UH-1G which doesn’t have guided rockets, why ?

I’ve just unlocked the UH-1B. As far as I’ve played, I’ve got killed like more than 10 times, haven’t even killed someone because it’s SLOW and rockets are UNGUIDED and as soon as I show up, kilometers are few meters away, I “hit”, I “crit” and I die. I’ve tried playing sneaky, rockets don’t even seem to pen at this BR.
It doesn’t even have the guided rockets, I have to unlock the two first modifications to have them, hopefully it will do some damages and helicopters will be playable ?
The mighty mouses are not even aligned with the sight.

I had rarely seen any helicopter up in the sky before, I understand why now !!

Will you do something about it ?

In my opinion, I thought the AH-1G ( I think you were talking about it corrct me if I m wrong) was alright and I almost spaded it, but ill admit playing it was often complicated. The UH-1B however is absolute garbage. As you said the rockets are extremely difficult to aim. I very rarely get kills and when I do it’s on lightely armored vehicles. What I did is research the AH-6M Littlebird with tanks ( I need some SL for the crew tho ). Hopefully it’s good

Unfortunately, it’s bad until you spade it. I have it a week ago, still stock. The biggest problem with it, it can barely lift itself up on the maps like American Desert, even in Sinai map, this is cannot even lift a bit, always goes downward, Hover mode doesn’t even help.

In test drive or relatively low altitude maps (near sea level) have not much of a problem it seems.

Oh well :(

Because Anton thinks you should suffer and have to “work hard” before he will let you have fun and enjoy his game.

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UH-1B’s ATGMs before they changed how missiles worked were pretty good. Now they are much more difficult to use due to how much sway they have. They have reduced the TNT equivalent in them too (from what I can remember), so it really isn’t worth spading it in my opinion.

both Helis are kinda trash stock but once you get more weaponry for them they are alright for example the ah-1g is much better with more rockets and the grenade launchers, and the uh-1b is good when you use it in a gunship setup (grenade launcher 2 gunpods and 2 big rocket pods) I use the same setup for my uh-1b xm-30 and can even use it at top tier (pve)

also you cant just fire one ffar and expect a tank to go big boom it often takes using a good 1-2second salvo of rockets for a mbt to be killed via overpressure

UH-1B stock suck because it get drag into the BR range that accountable your BR as if you have your ATGM while you stuck with AH-1G weapon (Mostly).
As for AH-1G It still a great Attack helicopter. But due to its unguided rocket+Grenade launcher required you to get close to the targets which also put you in danger.
I would suggest you learn to shoot rocket from afar then make a hard U-turn back into cover. That way you limit your risk from getting shot down. (mostly aim for light armor vehicles as they can easily die from a few rockt hit. As for any things else try to attack them from the flank or back if you could)
This would also make you more effective with high tier helicopter that has ballistic computer to help with unguided rocket (AH-1F has ballistic computer).