Why do they force us to do this?

Only 4 bases in a realistic aviation match, 4 bases that are coveted by bombers and fighters with their rockets. Players are willing to commit teamkill in search of 2 or 1 of these 4 bases.

Why don’t they increase the number of bases? And when they are finally destroyed, it takes almost 4 or 5 minutes, I don’t know, but it takes a long time for them to respawn (and all of them must be destroyed for them to respawn).

It’s simply more worthwhile to grind an aviation line in simulation than in RB. Why doesn’t Gaijin listen to the community? It’s an easy problem to solve, either by increasing the number of bases or reducing the respawn time for a new base by 70% of the current time.

Just this would solve the infernal battle against new players and “old players” who are willing to give victory to the enemy team by taking down their own team to destroy one base.


The instaspawning bases was a bug now they fixed it back to the original 5 min timer. Also they dont all have to be destroyed for them to respawn. And simply Gaijin wont change it as it speeds up progression a lot.

And do you think it’s right for them to support both new and veteran players committing teamkill because of these bases?

One thing doesn’t justify the other; the bases should be increased or their respawn time significantly reduced!

Even if this makes the rewards for these bases 20% lower than the current ones, IT DOESN’T MATTER, I just want to destroy bases without worrying if the ally coming up behind me will kill me and pay the repair cost of my 5,000 lion premium jet/bomber.