Why do the flaps come off in a ball of fire?

Is it a feature or a bug?

Why, when a player violates the speed limit of their flaps, do they come flying off in a ball of fire? They used to just come off without the falling star effect.

They shouldn’t really come off entirely (except on certain aircraft) but they should be damaged and maybe unusable - but i can live with them coming off, but the great balls of fire is odd and distracting.


They’ve broken off in a ball of fire for as long as I’ve played WT, which is 11 months now

believe it or not they used to actually just leave smoke trails when they snapped off. it’s a newer thing to be a fire ball. newer as in past couple years

I don’t recall smoke but I do recall seeing them just fluttering to the ground without fire.

I have been playing the past few years in VR only so I don’t see my own break off and didn’t notice it was the flaps causing those weird balls of fire until recently. But it doesn’t make sense to have balls of fire, there’s no fuel in the flaps and not much of an ignition source.

Flaps ripping off would play merry havoc with their actuating hydraulic systems, and also any fuel systems in the trailing edge of the wing.

Its just of “cinematics”. Like every hit causes little flares and smoke. Gaijin think it needs to keep up with Wargaming in unrealistic gimmicks that amuse the shortattentionspantheatre demographic.
Game wise it does make it obvious from even a distance when someone flap rips.

Yeah but for the most part they shouldn’t even rip off, just become damaged by overspeed (though some would rip off). I’d be fine with alternate and more accurate modeling of what would happen like slowly losing hydraulics and master caution alarms but that’s probably asking too much from GJ.

But for the same of the game I’m fine with just having them rip off but I fear @Exocetta may be correct.

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yes sir!