Why do soviet tanks have more pen then they do irl?

I was looking at old soviet testing of there rounds, and cannons like the ZiS4 only had a 75% to pen 113~mm of armour at 100m but ingame gets 142mm of pen, and on a similiar note the 2pdr, 6pdr, 17pdr, 20 pdr and 32pdr all have less pen then they do irl? why is this?

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Besides “gaijin fudged it”, the general reason real documents won’t line up with pen values exactly in game is because different armies and different nations in real life used different testing methodology to come to their results, and thusly they are not consistent or comparable directly to other penetration values from other nations. Gaijin once upon a time decided to fix this basically by using a set penetration formula that takes into account different factors about the shell to automatically spit out what it theoretically “should” penetrate. So everything in game is “approximate” but not exact.


And it doesnt take into account shell quality, etc.

Honestly its fine, I am glad they do it.

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ah intresting, that would explain why british tanks have slightly less pen (btw gaijin pls add 32pdr apds its so funny) but then why is russian tanks so ungodly stronger? like according to the soviets themselves (yknow not the most trusted guys) said it only had a 75% to pen 113~ but has what? 30mm of pen? ingame? is that literally just gaijin fudging it?

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It’s uhh, probably a coincidence :) :) :)

if only gaijin took into account shell and armour quality, it would be such a good day for british mains because oh my god solid shot just deletes lower quality steel that was used in the likes of the t34… and uh… all? german tanks during the later stretches of the war? ofc its not gonna be too balanced, but it be funny

Its better that they dont, to be fair. It keeps things actually consistent.

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fair enough, i just want my 32pdr mosquito, and 32pdr apds round at the end of the day xD



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we strapped a 32pdr to a mosquito and apparently it flew with 0 issue

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Still not better then us swedes with our 57s


They don’t use historical figures any more. They use their own equation to calculate performance. This loosely translates to history and proof doesn’t matter, what they want it to be is what you get.

jesus, oh and fun fact about the 32pdr apds, it penned a 200mm plate that was at 50degrees

that means it has alot more pen then the ingame conquerer

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Inb4 the brits run into the 30rpm Strv 103

perfectly normal

Least schizophrenic swedish design fr

Because they don’t want to see their country tanks get clapped. So they gave them a little bit more generous numbers.

Actually, it made me remember the case, when they gave tiger 0.95x modiffier to armor to reflect “poor quality of late war steel”, but of course war time t34s and is tanks had premium quality high grade steel… Good times

Thankfully thats gone now and everything is consistent, as it should be.

Tell that german HVAP rounds that lost 20-30% of their pen while all allied cannons across the board got buffed in the same patch.