Why do shots penetrating NERA produce equal spall to shots through normal steel?

Why is NERA not modeled ingame as material but rather 15 steel plates lined together?

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on which tanks?

Steel is a material…

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NERA has so many active Bug reports (from the Challenger 2) its actually kinda funny. Im not at all surprsied if a shell is producing too many spall after punching through a NERA.

(P.S you might get more success with your threads if you added more detail. I.E what vehicle you were referring too, against what shell. maybe a screenshot or 2)


This is just how he does it. He does some tech tree grinding, currently US, then puts out a thread like this anytime something bad happens to him.


Man I sure do love using steel in my composite armor!

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NERA doesn’t mean composite armor. Its a configuration not material. Go wiki it up.

Further deeper down the rabbit hole on why the hell do rounds spall on it like it’s a steel plate?

While you are at it, look up what “spall” is.

You have access to google if you do not know any definitions.

What is the issue here? Many composites in the world use steel with very moderate or minimal NERA backing, primarily as a means of added strength and shot degradation.

Tanks like the Leopard have its cumulative multipliers tweaked to mimic its tungsten materials, as well as most other tanks.

Because it’s not some magical schrödinger black hole where there is both protective material and no protective material at the same time. Composite spalls the same as any other metal, arguably moreso due to its rigidity

He isn’t asking you for a definition, he’s telling you to look up the definition of spall. It doesn’t seem you comprehend the fact that a metal can and will spall when perforated by a fast moving object.

NERA isn’t composite


Why do you believe NERA is made of metal?

NERA is quite literally defined as a composite mixture of an abstract and commonly softer material sandwiched between or throughout a number of metal plates.

AKA, composite armor.

Yes, a configuration. A configuration of abstract materials in between layers of metal plating. This is usually comprised of tungsten or basic steel, which produces spall.

Sorry, is the Leopard 2s composite made entirely of rubber?

Is the Abrams composite made entire of a glass alloy?

Better yet, is the Type-10s armor simply spaced armor, without any added materials?

Who knows cause their armor isn’t modeled ingame that’s for sure.

It absolutely is? Have you never entered any of the calamus renders?

Then why isn’t it reflected during gameplay?

Again, it is.