Why do russians get apfsds at 8.3?

leaving aside the fact that my leo 1 can barely pen russian tanks on uptier, they also get apfsds??? i thought this game was balanced and fair for all countries… i don’t undestand placing them at 8.3… this is outrageous since most mbts get apfsds at 9.0 or higher.Either raise their br or lower the br of tanks that dont have apfsds.

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If your annoyed about 3BM-25, check its angled modifiers. It kinda sucks due to being a short rod APFSDS


does it even matter? since most tanks that aren’t russian have paper armor at that br

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So the shell doesn’t matter because anything will pen? Why does the shell matter if that is the case


Italy gets APFSDS at 8.0. Possibly better I can’t remember.
Israel gets better APFSDS at 8.3.
China gets APFSDS at 8.3.
France 8.0.
Britain 8.3.
Germany 8.3.
USA 8.3.

T-55A’s APFSDS is on-par with Chieftain Mk3’s APDS BTW.
Most 8.7 APFSDS is superior to T-55A’s APFSDS, and ALL of 9.0’s APFSDS is superior to T-55A’s APFSDS.


Exactly. And around that br, armour matters far less

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Sweden 8.7

I mentioned 8.0s and 8.3s since those fire ammo either on-par or only slightly better than T-55A’s.
Sweden’s APFSDS at 8.7 is WAY better than T-55A’s.


The finish t55-m is a tiny ittle bit better again

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it has much better round overall and laser rangefinder.

Italy gets APFSDS at 8.0

9.0 outside of the AUBL74, which is a $100 marketplace tank. Bad faith as usual.

France 8.0.

False, 8.3

The rest is probably similar half true BS


Sweden, italy and japan are the only ones that doesn’t have a 8.3 tank with apdsfs, and none of them actually have a 8.3 tank. Several of those 8.3 and even 8.0 gets a much better apdsfs, not the glorified apds that the t55 use


T-55A’s 3BM25- 254mm.
T-55M’s M1000A1- 396mm.
That ain’t tiny.
Angled pen as always. statcard number / cos of angle.

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Sweden gets M111/DM23 that’s designated as SLPPRJ M/80, with 337mm of pen (which is immaculately incorrect because of S-Tanks higher caliber length, therefore giving it more pen through increased velocity). It’s at 8.7, unless they moved the Strv 104 to 8.3 BR. Unhappily, I will say, that it’s can’t frontpen a T-72M1, except through weak spots, which it regularly sees in up tiers. Is facing APFSDS annoying, yes, but not as annoying as when in a S-Tank, because you still probably have a turret drive, and I have no engine :P, oh, also can’t forget the Obj 120 at 8.0 BR.

I mean compared to rest of 8.7 sweden

British also has a 75mm sportscar at 8.3 came unlocked with a better Apfsds right out of the dealership, it has higher angle pen, its a lot easier to go through the armor but the post pen damage is wack, still it’s better than what the T-55 has bro. And don’t forget the Germany M48A2GA2 lol which is also a 8.3 and it has a APFSDS that is still viable until 10.0, the performance of that ammunition is light year ahead of what the T-55 has.

If you don’t remember you are right not to write AUBL 74 HVG has a 60mm and his APFSDS has also been nerfed and against some tanks it tickles him.

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AUBL’s 60mm APFSDS is still 284mm of pen, which is slightly better than T-55A’s.
T-55A is really good at penning Maus tho.

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Its postpen damage is awful though.


Not all APFSDS is created equally. It has poor slopped penetration, and also bad post pen damage.