Why do Republic of China aircraft use the emblem of the PRC in their names instead of the White Sun?

Currently, all Chinese vehicles regardless of whether they are ROC or PRC use the five-star PRC emblem.


Half of the vehicles in the Chinese tech tree are ROC so they should really get their own emblem, just like Nazi Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the German Democratic Republic all have their own emblems for their vehicles.



China should also have the WW2 ROC flag on the main tab so it’s consistent with everyone else. Same goes for Italy.


Can you please put this in suggestions and link it in the comments from here so the community can vote to have that neat detail added, thanks!

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I’m sure Gaijin won’t do anything about especially over something that can anger Chinese.

Good idea, I submitted it as a suggestion so we’ll see I guess.

It’s possible that Gaijin will just bury their head in the sand to avoid this issue, but to their credit they did include the ROC’s flag so who knows.

while this may be true it doesn’t hurt to try, plus, the greater WT community has already gotten one erasure attempt overturned back when China was just put into the live server, mainland Chinese players complained a bunch that the Taiwanese symbols were on the appropriate Taiwanese vehicles and everything including the UI was replaced with the soviet red/yellow PLA style symbols. Players complained enough that it was clearly erasure and gaijin put the Taiwanese markings back much to a lot of the mainland Chinese players dismay (though in the UI up until the sons of atilla update the mini flag next to the vehicles was a lower poly artistic representation of the symbol and not the actual Taiwanese symbol itself if i remember correctly, now we have the giant flags and it is very clearly the correct high fidelity Taiwanese symbols.)

P.S I’m not an expert on Chinese military history I just know a bit so I’m using my best terminology to describe the symbols.

Man, I am Chinese, from mainland China. Those around me who complain about the Taiwan flag are basically supporters of the Communist Party of China (Chinese people are also distributed in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, etc.). Most of them have no regard for the blue sky and white sun flag. Feeling, even supporting gaijin.