Why do my suggestions keep getting rejected?

I wrote 2 suggestions for changes to the game and both were rejected by the moderator. So where should I write them?
I wrote them in Suggestions/aircraft section.
The first one concerned the respawn time of bases, and the second suggestion concerned the introduction of external lighting for aircraft in simulation battles.

Are you following the proper guidelines for the suggestions?
It would probably be worth trying to DM the moderator in question as well.

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Have you tried attaching banan?

Ok, nevermind im stupid. I put it in wrong section :) Section “Aircraft” is only for new aircraft suggestions.

The first one was probably rejected to it being a balancing decision. For the second one are referring to the ability to turn on landing lights on aircraft. Cause if your are then there’s good chance it’s already been suggested and passed on.

Yeah, but I only receive a notification about unread notification. I don’t even know what the content of this notification is because all I see is a blue dot in the notification section. When I click on it, nothing shows.

Ok, I put my suggestion into Suggestions/gameplay and it was rejected again. What I’m doing wrong?
Here’s how it looks like:

screenshot was made when I put this topic in wrong section.

It hasn’t been rejected yet, if that’s your example.

All posts require manual approving. It takes a while. For example my suggestion written in november 5th still hasn’t been denied/approved.

Also, damn, you taught me how to check my pending posts

I’ve made multiple suggestions over the last 8 years, none were ever published…

-AI SPAA for the spawns to keep planes away.

-Points for defending a cap or taking half the cap causing the other team to lose the control.

-Making teamates transparent at the start of a game to stop all the tanks tripping over each other or getting wedged in tight spots.

-increasing invulnerability at spawn to 1 minute even if you move or shoot, stop the annoying spawn rampages.

-all planes visible in the map in RB GF, they have too many advantages.

I know, my suggestion was in Draft but now it’s gone, post is gone and I have a notification I can’t even see.

Check your email. You will probably get something like ‘your post was approved’ while the post was actually denied. Weird bug that they don’t seem to fix afaik.

Anyways, try writing to suggestion moderators, they will explain why your suggestion was denied. It’s probably a mix of not enough information and lack of details.

I have nothing in my email. Spam folder is also empty ;)