Why do make this distinction? Is it meaningful?

Is there a fundamental difference between using a separate fuel tank or using a thin layer of metal to store fuel?
It’s like saying, as long as you weld the fuel tank and the body together, you can get a BUFF.
Let me give an example:
VT4 can obtain it. But its predecessor MBT2000 cannot obtain this. Is it just because the VT4 uses a thin layer of iron to enclose the fuel tank?
What strange rule is this?
the fuel tanks of the Leopard 2 family have repeatedly devoured my shells, while some other vehicles have not even had the chance to obtain external fuel tanks
I think you guessed it, I got a (not a bug),u konw who did it

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some administrators don’t need to be so sensitive, give us some room for discussion. okay?
this is really frustrating

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u can’t discuss anything with them, if they say anything it’s finished, no room to discuss.

and if u complain bots gonna tell u stop crying.