Why do machine guns absorb 100% of spalling when a shell impacts them

Why has this been coded?

Could you provide a replay so we can see what happened?

Do you play War Thunder?

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Yes. And I would like to see the situation that you experienced.

Assuming you play ground battles then at some point you have shot a tank and hit its coaxial machine gun and had it absorb your entire round.

Why is this modeled?

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Sometimes. But in different ways which is way I would like to see what happened. Did you hit it dead on? From the side/angle? What round and what tank was the enemy?

Ok you clairly dont play at this game !..

Any tank, any distance, any side, any angle. MGs can randomly fully absorb shell. You must know it.

Why is this modeled?

This is how game damage model works. Gaijin can’t change it.

If you hit it dead on, it means that the shell is going through much more armor. I believe it is mostly to do with the amount of interactions happening at that time. The machine gun and the awkward armor that is usually around the machine gun.

Decorations weren’t modeled until recently. Why can’t it be changed?

Even when the round can go through the cheek armor the machine gun absorbs the round. I don’t believe there is any machine gun capable of withstanding the force of a tank shell without having spalling go through.

Well…I have had many instances where the rooftop mg absorbed an entire AGM shielding the tank from any damage…

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