Why do I have to destroy 5 heavy tanks on high-level missions? Where will I find them on 11.3 - 11.7? Is this a joke?


Play a lower tier or pay to change the task?


Object 279 is rare enough to be seen at a 10.0 even lol

You don’t have to play that high of a BR to do that task. Anything at rank 3 or higher will do.


So the tasks don’t depend on BR?

No they don’t. They depend on rank. The easy difficulty daily tasks (the first daily task each day) can be done from ranks 2+, and medium difficulty daily tasks (the second daily task each day) as well as special tasks can be done from ranks 3+. Each daily task lists if it is easy or medium when you click on it.

Nowhere does it say that a specific BR is necessary.

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Try playing at 5.7 then half your enemies will be tigers.


Its weird you reached br 10+ but dont know how dailies work.


Play at a BR where there are heavy tanks then?


Just change the task.

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Tasks are generally worth changing if they don’t immediately lineup with what you want to do for the day or the lineups you’re familiar with.