Why do decals look scraped/shit?

So… the decals look so much worse than when gaijin reveal them to us, so here is an example of the latest one for the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics.

This is how it actually looks in the decal menu.

And finally how it looks on the actual vehicles themselves.


Why does it have to be like this? it looks so damn good on the announcement but in-game is looks so scraped and weared down.


Surface imperfections make 3D models look more realistic. You can notice that in other games and evein in movies CGI. Also on customes skins from Live where they didnt added this, they look like plastic models.

OTOH; The effects make most of the vehicles look like excessively “weathered” scale models. To the point where the best benefit of having premium is the ability to turn that crap off.

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I wish this was tied to the camo state slider. Even that thing could be better though; I keep every vehicle at 100% and a lot of them still look too worn and beat up.


I agree. When in the Hanger, they should look almost like new, because all that would happen in real life after repairing, is a coat of paint. No flashy metallic, metal-flake or pearlscent paint. That’s why we are paying for repairs. You never see dents and holes in them unless you are in game.

Although, saying that, before I pay for repairs, it would be nice to see the wreck of a fuselage or a blown out tank. At the moment, they just look dirty and need a clean, with all the hatch covers back in place. You never see dents and holes before repairs.


why, on certain planes, afterburner flames look like low res bitmap?

Because they are low res bitmaps?