Why do CAS bomb bases and not attack ground units (ARB)

Im curious why do cas hit bases? im not going to try and change the game i am a fighter pilot first. But I am spading buccaneer and i see CAS with there air spawns in most matchies hit bases and not ground units, does not seem right to me. When i did my saab i did so with just a2a missils and got a few air kills

Because bombing bases gives actual rewards. Ground pounding doesn’t give any really meaningful rewards for the extra effort it requires. Base bombing is worth around 2 air to air kills, but I am not sure the equivilent for ground unit kills compared to a full base kill.

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Because the bases are off to the sides instead of ground units that are in the middle of the map, inevitably underneath a giant furball of fighters and killing ground units causes you to appear in the killfeed.

Ground targets actually give much higher rewards in my experience, especially if you’re packing rockets. They just take more time, effort, and skill than sprinting for a base and pressing spacebar

Yes, as I said it takes more effort. In pre-missile planes, it would probably have a decent payoff, but when you are under constant threat of missiles, hitting a single target and retreating is going to be the most solid tactical option.

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I would say this is an issue, everything should be more spreed out and random covering the whoie of tge map, not just the centre, i would not mind a base to bomb in the centre of the map to have fighter cover

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I found in my saab, just a a2a missile load out more affective than any of the above

there used to be maps like that before everything got homogenised

[Alternate History] Krymsk with its three towns, two auxiliary airfields and moored/moving naval targets was one of the best RB AFs maps…it had just about everything you could ask for and at just about any BR too. (I played my British TBF dozens of times ‘intruding’ into the Soviets’ side of the map at low altitude and then sneaking back to base–it was great fun.)

The airfield capture scenarios were ones that led me to think about the idea of RB GFs fights (matches) occurring under an RB AFs match too…in case Gaijin ever gets serious about matches larger than 16v16.

A big reason why base bombing is so prevalent over ground pounding is because about two years ago or so Gaijin cut ground attack rewards by about half or more after the release of the A-10. It’s not economically beneficial for people to hit ground targets currently.

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I would of thought gaijin would give incentives for aircraft to do there jobs, hence why there is a limit of 4 bombers per match etc

The bomber limit was established because bombers would be able to win games super quickly by destroying bases and the airfield.

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bombing bases can give you rewards that are worth it

For higher tiers (above props) Long story short: They are giving a shit of winning the battle. It’s all about egoistic gaining of ressources.

A base bleeds max 300 tickets depending on br, that’s 3 pill boxes or 3 medium tanks.

So if these bombing dudes would be interested in winning, no one of them would through a single bomb on a base.

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And be among the first to die not contributing much of anything. Better to bomb a base and get something while waiting for the fighters to lose to the air battle. And if the fighters happen to accidentally win then you go in and start picking off tanks and pillboxes.

Sure, playing this game proberly is no option for you…I will never understand such a behavior.

Sure, playing this game proberly is no option for you…I will never understand such a behavior.

If we were playing properly, CAS aircraft would get their own modes with no enemy air around. Bombers would spawn in already at 25000 feet. One side would be intercepting and would have to spawn on the airfield. In high tier matches BOTH SIDES would have 100+ mile ranged SAMs some of which would give no warning of a launch. No one is playing this properly unless you really do want to go up against Patriots, S-300s, SA-2s, etc. So yeah, waiting for you guys to win or lose is the only option for a smart CAS player and that base looks mighty juicy.

Killing Ground target: 100 rp

Killing base: 2300 rp

Ground targets needed to kill to match two base bombs: 46 while dodging enemy aircraft trying to shoot you down over an extended period of time.

SL gain is also more with base bombing.

What you wanna do, if you have a whole team playing like you? lol
If I would know the number of Attackers on both sides in higher tier, i can tell you 90% which side wins. And guess what? It’s never the side with most attackers.

If you wanna play CAS, go playing GroundRB because in AirRB is no CAS at all. Support what or who? Supporting in AirRB is about fighting PvP.