Why do big boosters only last one match

it’s honestly the worst feature in the game because when you get unlucky and die without any kills while you have a big booster on it is the single biggest mood destroyer. Just makes you not want to play the game

Because WT’s motif is a casino. So its all about placing your bets and taking your chances. Viewed positively, it is a way for FTP players to be able to make progress, even when you don’t have a great game.
I imagine it is designed to induce you to want to get a premium account. They probably don’t really mean to make the game suck intentionally.

Big boosters give you bots and boosted apes as team-mates, change my mind.

I actually prefer getting the 10% for 20 and 15% for 10 game boosters, I feel they’re just more consistent overall.

Thats the gamble, you have 200% booster but it only last one battle.

As a general advice: Use backups with RP-boosters. If you lose your vehicle once, bring it back.

It seems to me that putting a booster on the finished battle report would be much nicer, but of course it would be pro-consumer and this company is famous for spitting in people’s faces.