Why do 12mm shells in SPAA explode?

I’ll explain what I mean, so the ammunition rack in the M16, M13, etc. vehicles consists only of 12mm shells.These projectiles weigh 0.05 g on average and have 0.01 g of explosive charge. So how is it possible that if hit, they are able to blow up the entire vehicle.In real life, after being hit by a box with 12mm ammunition, there are no explosions, there are only two options, what can happen:
1 bullets are destroyed, nothing unexploded
2 after a hit, damaged shells fire on their own and fly in a random direction with low kinetic energy
Let the Gaijin fix it, because it’s terribly frustrating that something so unreal is happening. It wasn’t like that before, so I don’t know why they did it

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the same way how wiesel 1a4 can be ammoracked by hitting the exterior 20mm box

this is not realistic because 20mm does not explode when hit the same way as 120mm does

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Inconsistency in modeling.
Machine guns being modeled on SPAAs in two parts like main cannons is more weird IMO.

Its hughe boxes and not just the round but also the casing can explode.

That’s a good thing, they’re already way to tanky for what they are.