Why didn't Western tank designers think of spall liners?

Pretty huge oversight it would seem.


They did. All top tier western tanks should have spall lines. In fact most BR9+ I beleive should as well (maybe even lower than that) Just that the T-90 is the first soviet tank with spall liner and therefore the first tank in game with it.

it has already been reported for the Chieften, CR1 and CR2


they’ve been standard since Leopard 1 (base model)

they’re just not implementing them until the first russian tank got them


No, its dev bias. Plain and simple.


seems so. pretty much, or are we wrong?

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Same reason none of our tanks get regen steering or NERA that works…


Only explanation there is. It was a feature missing from the game for the past several years and is conveniently added when the soviets get their first tank with Spall liner? I smell something fishy.

I wonder what soviet tank that can be added that would most benefit from regen steering. So other nations can finally get that too


War Thunder is a realistic game based upon credible sources. You have proofs for your accusation?

I think not.


Literal propaganda, they’re coming this update, Soviets don’t have them currently & are also only getting them this update as well.

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3 bug reports have already been submitted (see above) for Chieften, Challenger 1 and challenger 2 and have already been approved. So that is as low as 8.3 in game missing Spall liners.

Unless you can prove they didnt?


Then they are missing from Cheiften, Challenger 1 and challenger 2.

They’re also missing from T-80BVM.
Live server isn’t updated, update is still in development.

Must be error, closed status will be amended soon.

Proofs of bias?

Nah - can’t be Trickzzter - he only knows three words in English. ‘Not a Bug’


Casino is many things, but he’s not staff.
And staff aren’t allowed to use multiple accounts.

Just cause Casino was wrong doesn’t change the fact that Western tanks use spall liners.


I have no idea who or what you are arguing for or against through all these layers of irony.


I literally just stated what I am arguing for.
Spall liners to be added this update, which they are, for dozens of tanks.

Also, that’s not what irony means.

less rude , thank you ,it was rather a sarcastic anwser

The usual suspects jumping to Gaijin’s defense to explain why NATO tanks didn’t get this feature for the last half a decade and why they’re magically here today.


Sarcasm annoys me on dev server time cause becoming Alex Jones isn’t a good thing.
Apologies if my posts were harsh.

What’s wrong with Gaijin’s decision to add spall liners to NATO tanks?

@Crazed_Otter I see you’re still defaming all Americans on the forum.
The fact you think everyone that claims NATO tanks has spall liners is wrong proves you’re deep into Russian propaganda.