Why didn't they make the event tank Chinese?

Frankly I think the Object 292 being assigned to represent the Chinese “Year Of The Dragon” is a bit shameful. Especially considering just how bloated and overfilled the Russian tree is, of both event and tech tree vehicles.

China’s military budget is 5x larger than Russia’s and the amount of vehicles missing in the Chinese tree is nothing short of staggering - here’s an image with some I handpicked:

And this is a compilation representing mainly vehicles IN PRODUCTION with many, many built for domestic and export markets. Almost all of these are fully fledged vehicles entering service, and not prototypes.

For this event, China could have gotten many Chinese prototype vehicles - such as the ZTZ-99I with MANPADS anti-air missiles. This would have been a very unique MBT with anti-air capability.

They could have gotten their prototype 1224 or 1226 MBTs, as well.

Or the joint project China had with the US that resulted in the creation of the JAGUAR prototype tank - a Chinese Type 59 with an upgraded Western power pack, a 105mm and composite armor.

Jaguar MBT

I could sit here all day and mouth off many, many prototypes which could have been added. Some of these wouldn’t have required much work to be added into the game, either. So why did they add YET ANOTHER russian event vehicle?


We need these vehicles in the techtree not as event vehicles. Only prototypes or variants of existing tanks should be added as event vehicles.


Of course, that’s why I prefaced it by saying that China, as a tree - is missing many vehicles, as well. So this isn’t just them neglecting it when it comes to events.

Many people still see the Chinese tree as some sort of Russian copy-paste, when they actually apply Western technology to many of their modern tanks and wheeled vehicles.

Chinese missiles are modern FNF HJ-12s, which Russia hasn’t developed. The Chinese ZTQ-15 and VT-5 light tanks use 105mm guns with turret autoloaders and blowout panels, which Russia doesn’t have. The Chinese use Israeli-derived APS systems (GL-6) and Western 30mm, 35mm and 40mm guns and proxy.

Almost none of these things are represented in-game because THEY’RE NOT IN THE GAME, yet. China has so many wheeled vehicles and IFVs missing. China doesn’t even have a single domestic IFV in the game other than a BMP-1 clone and a T-54 technology demonstrator (QN506), even though China has ALL THESE IFVs:

  • VN17
  • VN12
  • VN1
  • VN8
  • VN11
  • VN20
  • VN22
  • ZBD04A
  • ZBD03
  • ZBD2000
  • Type 08

And probably more, this is just OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD. And what do we have in-game? A BMP-1 copy and a T-54 with a tech demonstrator turret as an event vehicle.

It is not surprising that people call China a “Russia copy-paste tree” WHEN 99% OF THEIR DOMESTIC VEHICLES ARE MISSING!!


I hope these vehicles appear on the subtree or as squadron vehicles. If I were to be the event vehicle, I would have to waste a lot of time playing this game like I do at work, like the QN506, because I don’t have enough time to obtain this vehicle. Actually, I don’t care if they use dragons as background boards, and I think the reason for this contradiction is that they didn’t launch the necessary discount promotions during the Chinese New Year.

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I’m not Chinese, I just love Chinese vehicles. And it does make me angry.


I think ppl are taking it a little too seriously but it is weird they chose chinese inspired theme for a Russian event vehicle.

Whats next
A British event vehicle for the 4th of July?


Better question is, why did they name the event “call of the dragon” when it’s about a Russian vehicle? As for the name, it probably should have been something Chinese with the name, but, it’s Russian, so why didn’t they choose a Russian-esque name for it?


Because it’s a chinese themed event intentionally in time for the biggest chinese holiday, and the prize has nothing to do with china.

Is the intention to persuade the chinese to nolife the grind to get the bigger cut for the tank from desperate collectors on the market? Thats the only justification I can come up with.


Because it is 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon… im sure there will be lots of use of the Wood Dragon for a great many promotions during the year and as well as Real World Events…

Hell, just searching online, I even can see a few promotions now for US items that are not related to China, but yet use the Wood Dragon behind the whole message…

So, the Wood Dragon is just a prop to represent the Year of the Wood Dragon


Too dark I guess. lol.

My guess is that it might come to the tech tree down the line?

indeed lol…


they havent done that yet because new years is on the 10th of feb this year I think

Yes, I have been planning to buy a gift pack tank, but I missed the Christmas promotion. If gaijin cares about the Spring Festival event, they should also do it again

yea, I’m hoping they bring back the lunar bundle that they did last year

I found this head scratching as well, missed opportunity.

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We understand why it was called Call of the Dragon, it’s themed around Chinese Lunar New Year and the Year of the Dragon, but the theme doesn’t work well when the secondary prizes and loading screen are themed around that, but the main prize has nothing to do with China despite the holiday being Chinese Lunar New Year.


maybe gaijin is hiding something.

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another big chinese prem sale trust

ZTZ 96(p) will probably get 50% off as usual.