Why did they move up the T-34 1941

The 1942 version is so much better than the 1941 version and so is the STZ version.
i thought that 3.7 was good for it. For example the Pz4j and m4a2 being at 3.7 so why did the t-34-76 1941 get moved up. Can someone please help me understand.

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Its cannon.

From personal experience the 3.7 and the 4.x t34’s are some of the most strong vehicles at their BR’s. Mainly volumetric is to blame as it can make taking these tanks out pretty tough. Id say almost all t34s could go up .3 and still do pretty well. Though im mainly referring to the 57 cause that thing is a SL printer and actual beast of a tonk.

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It has good cannon, mobility, turret rotation and armor. It is far better and all round platform than Pz IV J.

M4A2 is 4.0 btw

Just to ruin your line up

Its cannon is the same as the 1942 and STZ version, all have average pen at their brs.