Why did they make the bases repsawn slower... i waited the whole match only to get 1

So reduce the rewards for bombing instead of ensuring that only the fastest jets and planes are able to get a bombing target.

They should reduce reward for bombing, but then people will cry that they have to play fighter in their F-4S cause they want no brain bombing rush to base and die to grind instead of having to make some actual effort to gain RP. Cause the majority of these 1k RB games max accounts dont know how to even use the radar and Sparrows on their Phantoms as all they ever did was base bomb. And only fastest jets and planes getting a base to bomb was like this since beggining, even when there were just three bases per map and airfield was bombable. The ones who didnt got base to bomb usually continued to bomb the airfield.

So now nothing has changed and people still do it whilst screwing everyone else who wasn’t as fast and teamkilling those who are faster in order to get a base.
This is some 5 IQ solution, as expected.

Imagine reworking base bombing for the first time in over a decade, it’s baffling with how low my expectations are for Gaijin and yet they manage to lower the bar every time to how lazy and incompetent they truly are… the only thing they know how to do is manipulate numbers and blindly rely on their broken formulas, and even at that they suck…

The solution is right there, its to reduce the bombing rewards and fight players instead of bombing. Its that easy,so you wont have to deal with anyone trying to tk u or fight over a base with him.

Yet bombing is still rewarded, it’s just decreased and made annoying and toxic.

The people wont bomb if it wont be worth it for them tho. They will switch to fighting players.

Some planes rely on bombing because it’s their only redeeming feature, we have tons of bombers in the game.

Nothing changes for bombers tho. You were complaining about jets being tkd and fighting over a base. So its 10.0+ problem. And afaik we dont have any bombers that high, its just fighters with tons of bombs or attackers like Tornado there. Bombers are limited to 4 per team, so one gets each base.

Jets are essentially bombers with the amount they get, all you had to do with increase the base HP and lower reward.

This is technically wrong, this respawning bases nonsense was introduced in May 2020 with the Starfighter update…

I’d hardly call that reworking it though

This change in May 2020 has created / supported whole lobbies filled with grinders which go for bases…and this decides most your matches - as soon as you have too many grinders you will most likely lose the match / teamfight if the other team has fewer grinders…

So they made a change 3 years ago, and now they’ve essentially reverted the change so nothing has happened, so again maybe rework the system for the first time in over a decade, but Gaijin is so completely void of creativity and all they know how to do is add new vehicles.

Bombing has always been a bad experience and they never bothered to improve upon it, their first failure is dealing with bots, a result of Chinese players joining the servers, but instead of lowering the rewards and make it less feasible they just create artificial scarcity, something they’re very familiar with and create this toxic environment where everyone has to fight over a few targets when it makes infinitely more sense to scale rewards and not base availability.

The interesting thing is that in no way does it effect the “artificially enhanced” players, they literally just climb to altitude, bomb the base, and then fly straight to like the airfield; they don’t make multiple bombing runs on bases. This only slows down actual people using bases to grind, if I had to guess players started unlocking things too quickly with the recent changes so they’ve changed the spawn timer.

I am just glad they don’t team kill for bases in the matches I play. And I played a lot lately. You must be using a different server. (You play on russian server?)

Going to depend on what you play I guess, if you’re faster than them you’re costing them RP, I don’t know what server as I have multiple toggled.

Tho there is logic for what you’re saying, you do understand that those “solutions” will make the game even more fighter slugfest that devalues bomber /striker lineups even more? So nice having 2/3 of the techtree as useless balast.

I do not agree. In order to avoid repeating myself - just look at this:

I do not agree - it looks like they corrected a mistake:

Relevant part:

As most players are driven by grind it is somehow comprehensible that they want to reinstall a 30 seconds timer - but i am rather sceptical that gaijin will change their mind.

  • It simply looks like they made from their pov a mistake (shorten the timer), their statistic guys realized this too late and reinstalled the previous timer. Their feedback “not a bug” is a clear indicator that they do not see a problem.
  • Some might remember the 20mm HE bug - allowing you to kill an ai King tiger with a single HE shell - from the front. Either it was a test or they simply messed this up - it took them several months to react and there was not a single piece of official communication (i was aware of) that has dealt with this issue.

Fully agree!

is not a good change, makes all cas/bombers usless in air rb

Because Gaijin wants Air RB to be a fighter team death match