Why did they all leave? (Not even 10 minutes in)


Crappy map in combination with premium players. I can see you are new to this BR so prepare yourself. BRs around premium high tier tanks are mostly about this. There is also one trick you can use - if enemy is visible on map because they are too close to your spawn, you can leave the battle without crew lock instead of spawning into death zone.


Because they don’t care about the game experience and only think about getting euros.

But it is also the fault of the players who participate in this circus that is the end game.

The premiun should not be more than tier 5 and be able to grind everything upwards, just by varying their multipliers.

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It all boils down to …

I don’t like …
I don’t want …
I can’t …
Why should I …


Your team got absolutely rolled, if you look at how many kills your team got vs how many enemies died and how many kills they got.
It’s a full uptier for most people in your team too, so they really don’t have anything to lose other than the game (which is already pretty clear that they will have little to no impact in the outcome anyways).



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It happens ,just like you can roll over others.

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i can roll over others, BUT they actually fought back instead of odl because they have nothing to support their premium vehicle

that last part is a neat feature i didnt know about until now. thanks!

Just got to accept every game is different.Main issues is Battle pass where you may be dependent on victory.I can get more kills while being overun and get first place in a losing game and yet get nothing in a game with a good but greedy team in faster vehicles with game over before I even made it.

Your team only got 6 kills vs the enemy’s 20 kills, absolutely rolled.

Also I’m not a fan of that map so I usually one or 2 death leave it as well.


because thats how you have the most fun :)

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  • Battle
  • Port Novo

I’d leave too

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maybe got disconnected from server? That happens to me

Because people are selfish.

This is the true state of the game now.I like that map though and I am surprised so many at top tier haven’t worked it out yet.Is the issue that its a WW2 map not suited to fast modern MBTs?

most maps barely suit tanks

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I actually think they do and speaking as somebody who has had his ass kicked on all of them i know that all maps need unlocking in terms of finding how and where to get kills.Its all there in the replays if anybody can be bothered to watch them .I dont do much top tier though and I do think Top tier should not be subjected to modern maps like ww2 tanks should not be forced to play on modern day maps.Just wondered if this was the issue here both to answer the OP and tp address those who say this is a bad map.its a great map but then I dont do top tier

it’s not even just top tier

6.7-8.0 has armoured behemoths from the Tiger II, IS-3 to the Conqueror and the most complained about vehicle has been the Fox because 99% of maps are CQB garbage

So its WW2 maps with post war tanks that sucks? All era related BS in a game that refuses to acknowledge era