Why did the snail false ban me?

this is ban-evasion, not account sharing.

We are talking about this:
3.6. The User shall not sell (or buy), rent, exchange, or give away an Account.

Where letting a friend play for a short time, would be legal

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Oh wait sorry I quoted the wrong message because they said they’d make a new account. I just went back and copied an earlier message of mine.

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yeah, it’s okay.

I think more that is relevant:

3.5 … Any use of the Account with the User’s login and password shall be carried out by the User. …


Yeah 3.5 is what I meant. I quoted 3.5 earlier.

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Which account got banned? The one you used to post here or a different one😂

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What is happening?

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Let him cook!

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Even without taking sides in this debate - if you have ever been wrongly accused of something you haven’t done, the last thing you need is replies like this:


Does not really sound like a “helper”. It sounds more like:

Judgement Time - Judge Dredd - quickmeme
Dredd the sentence is death! | Judge Dredd | Know Your Meme

ToS are from a holistic pov nothing more than a maximum wishlist of the service provider, not more, not less.

Account sharing clauses are aimed to prevent the usage of paid services by different / separate households and not aimed to prohibit the usage within related persons if the services are used on a single device like a console.

Playing wt on the same account but by different users on the same device is imho not even legally enforceable as there is no financial loss related to this. No financial loss = no case.

The usage of content or services by minors depends on individual circumstances.


I was just simply wondering if anyone had been met with an similar situation and could maybe provide a possible solution. I didn’t have intention to get into a argument about an obscure tos “violation(s)” from a nearly decade ago

A different one, it has the username Yenoto

That’s the same name as this one…

Yeah, I use a different email to log into forums than I do for WT because it’s a console account originally but i’ve been on PC for a while now.

idk it let me make my user Yenoto for this forum account as well.

I stand by the first of the 2 messages you quoted, but you are correct. Especially in the second one I aboslutely got too heated. That is my fault.

Bro just exposed himself a second time

What’s really the issue with it? I would let him let him play on my xbox, He never decided to make a xbox account because we only had 1 xbox. So we would play together on WT, it was always MY account. I really dont think this is the type of account sharing WT is attempting to target/enforcing.

He also did when he responded to me lol

I am sorry, but no one on forum can help you.
Please check this post and follow the instruction from it.