Why did the snail false ban me?

I got false banned, made an ticket and was told it was not an false ban by an ISL. I have put multiple 1000 hours into my account and would never fathom cheating. I will attach their reply’s below if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated. I just find it funny how I get no info on what they found that led to my ban.

Evgeniya Today at 05:36
We have completed a mass check of server logs to find the accounts that were started with a modified game client.
In your case, the usage of a modified game client or changing the game client files was clearly proved.
We cannot provide you with a report regarding your ban to prevent any disclosure of information about game client modifications detection methods.
Unfortunately, we have nothing to help you in this case.
Any dispute on this case is pointless, our decision will not be revised.
Best regards,
Support Specialist (ISL)
why play games with me snail I just wanted to give you my money ;-;


Everyone says this. Every “I was wrongfully banned” post contains some variation of “I would never even consider cheating!!!1!!11!!”

Yeah, it’s fully possible that you did not cheat, but also, you are sticking to the exact same line that every “I was wrongfully banned” post uses.

Also this might be the single funniest sentence ever written on the forums

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And no, I am not the one who decides bans. Just throwing my 2 cents into the ring.

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Yeah, I understand. Do you have anything else I could say to prove myself? I had Air ground 8.0 for USSR,Germany. Top tier planes for the UK and 6.7 on ground. 6.7 on italy as well. Me and my brother used to play that account back on my xbox. Im just mad it was all lost like that.

not good, Account sharing is also against the Rules, Its written in the TOS^^


That’s a second TOS violation. Gaijin terms of service section 3.5.


lol I was like 8

isnt WT USK 12?

Third violation. Game rated 12+.


You are really not helping your case. In the process of screaming into the void about 1 ToS violation, you have admitted to 2 more.


but that has nothing to do wether the person is right, or wrong.
In both cases it is expected to be written, so it is literally no information regarding if a person actually cheated/used a modified game client.

And since bc of good reason Gaijin doesn’t give their data, in their eyes prooving the incident,

even wrongfully banned accounts have no chance of proofing, that it is wrongfully.
I think this is the main issue, that everything is not perfect and weather be it in this case, or not, there are cases, where non-cheaters etc get banned, with no possible way of prooving, that they haven’t, bc that attaks their secret detection method.

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Its Comedy Gold



op be like


exactly, I just wanted to play wt with my friends, got false banned and has no way to prove it.

I understand that and I acknowledged that. I was more making the point that they haven’t provided even a modicom of proof.

I do agree that some form of appeal system should exist.

lol i didnt, never cheated in any videogame

I literally don’t care because even if the cheating was a false ban, you just admitted to account sharing anyway which is another ToS violation.


lmao real

in some cases (I know it is for movies, so fsk the case, not usk etc), with the allowance of a parent and partially prensence of them, it is still legal to participate in such action, like watching a movie 12+ as an 8 year old with parents consenting and being next to you