Why did only the Abrams receive the 5s ace crew reload and not other NATO tanks didn't?

So recently it came to my attention that all Abrams’ received a faster reload. Since the Abrams is a NATO operated tank, it should qualify as a NATO reloading time. Therefore tanks like the Leopard 2, Stridsvagn 121/122 and Challenger 2/3 should receive the same treatment.

It got a 5 second reload as a buff because the abrams was recognized as to be under performing.


I think Challenger 2 already has a 5 seconds reload time for ace crew.

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it does

I do believe he was talking about the other Rh120mm guns.

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Does it not make sense to match real reload times where possible for all vehicles?
What do you actually want reload times based on?

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The M1 does reload in that time in reality though

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Not when going 68kph jumping and turning about but yeh, it was a sort of a balance for the noob-baiters.

Also there are other nations with sub 5 seconds reloads but I dont dare to name them because I will summon the demons

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Yeah for 5 rounds, instead of 20+ rounds cuz gaijin thinks first stage is the ammo infront of the loader and it is shown on videos that he takes charges from the bins and ammo from the back of the turret


Based on data and not fiction

Well, but are there videos showing loader taking charges from the bins and ammunition from the back of the turret all within 5 seconds? If there is, then I guess you can raise this issue for technical moderators to view.

tanks themselves weren’t great… people who DONT play the abrams love to overrate the abrams.

AS if bug reports do anything.

Who said this? Strawman.

Nobody said this

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It’s funny to me that they gave the Abrams a 5 second reload but not the Ariete, which is… objectively worse in every metric.

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Here? In this thread? No. Did they say it elsewhere? Go tell them there!

Buffs do not have to happen to only the singular most worst tank. That’s a fallacy and illogical… the abrams has many, many unresolved issues that cause it to perform worse than perhaps it could. Gaijin decided to take an easy route out by buffing reload rather than fixing these issues. Yeah it sucks but stop blaming the playerbase.

Nobody is denying those tanks need buffs? You need to stop going on tangents.

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I am tired of these damn people and their “suffering competitions”.

Do not DARE to raise an issue with a nation; these people will spawn in attacking and mocking you for it and crying about how their nation suffers more and needs more attention.

I like to call this breed: competitive victims.



Do you think I work on this game? If I did, it would be a lot more fun I can tell you that.

Refer to above.

Except I don’t do that and also don’t subscribe to the “German players bad” idea either. Remember when I said:

" You need to stop going on tangents."

Heed those words because all you’ve been doing is schizo posting for the last 15 minutes…

The entitlement is thinking that EVERYTHING is about YOU or (X) nation.

Just because a nation needs changes or corrections it doesn’t negate that others do too, and it goes both ways.