Why did gaijin remove that visual effect?

It’s been over 2 months, and this visual effect is not happening anymore?


i think it was toned down so it takes much longer

It’s like the fire in the exhaust pipes of airplanes, at first it worked well, but it’s been years since they don’t look good, and there is no fire when you put on emergency power.

https://youtu.be/5JRygHBW99I?si=F-T_kYhlnccd68K5 I’m still waiting gaijn


Pretty sure that’s still there in some areas… When it was implemented it was really intense, but it got toned down a bit due to the FPS lag some were getting and desync where they couldn’t drive over it without glitching.

Most likely, the old ps4/xbox consoles, which already have the problem of the basic game, are to blame for the obstacle to introducing this, I hope that gaijn will withdraw from these consoles soon

Could be, but I would think there were FPS drops on lower end PCs which would’ve added to that ‘weight’ and ‘pressure’ to revert it.

Desync was also rife in some stages too, and that would’ve been hard to work with. There were reports of buildings dropping, but then rebuilding, and falling again.

It looked pretty silly IMO in the first place. Steam is fine, but if your barrel looks like that in any situation, it is basically going to be deformed and broken. Like yeah it can happen, but it should be going hand in hand with things like jams or repairs needed, not just no big deal.


It was unrealistic anyway. If your barrel is glowing red its done.

No, no, sorry but no.
Don’t blame the PS4 and XBOX.
Even if they are old, they have some power and Gaijin doesn’t take the time and/or care to optimise the game.
The problem is, as far as I know, is the engine.
It is a mess, what they should do is stop every (content) development, rework the engine from the ground up, implement a lot of modern technology and so on.
Rework every single map, vehicle, plane and ship.
Like a War Thunder 2.0 but that will never happen, because it would mean putting money into a game that doesn’t make much.
And since Gaijin isn’t a developer that actually cares about their community and games, like most big studios.
Well, they will keep adding stuff half heartedly and stuff will break over and over and over and over and over and over again.

So? War Thunder isn’t a realistic game.
It has realistic tendencies, but it isn’t realistic.
You can’t repair an engine that has been hit by an APFDS in the middle of combat, your tracks, etc.

this is just to look cool and it looked cool.
I kinda miss the red hot glowing barrels.

No it doesn’t happen anymore, I tried it with multiple auto cannons and no matter how many rounds you fire this effect never triggers. Oddly enough, it was working in the dev server so they probably turned it off or bugged out in the live server.

It was nice detail to attention and I liked it for the immersion, not everything has to be realistic.

Gameplay is more important than realism, absolutely, every day all day.

However, this served no gameplay purpose, it was ONLY aesthetics/immersion. And since it was unrealistic, it breaks immersion, and shows IN-attention to detail(s about the physics of barrels), not the other way around.

You can argue that it is pretty because literally just “Ooh shiny colors!” (That’s certainly the logic of things like League of Legends or Spite etc.), but not because of immersion and detail orientation.

Sorry but not everyone agrees with you, some people like some things others don’t. War Thunder was probably the only armored combat game to have this feature. If it was that bothersome to you, too bad.

Also, auto cannons with high fire rates would ABSOLUTELY turn red after 1000~ rounds, so the feature wasn’t completely unrealistic.

and before you say anything, here is a video of a minigun overheating at 1800 rounds, which is a similar gun to the M163


I didn’t say it didn’t happen, in fact I already said it does happen.

I said that when it does, your barrel is probably trashed, and it should be jamming / needing repairs / etc.

If it was that bothersome to you, too bad.

(Always confuses me when people say “too bad” or “cope” or whatever, when the game is already currently the way I want it to be and not the way they want it to be. Wasn’t a real argument regardless, but especially not in that case…)

Also according to your logic we shouldn’t have any visual effects because they are not important to gameplay, what? So we shouldn’t have bore evacuators, no exhaust smoke, no grass, no visual effects whatsoever because they don’t matter? I think you are playing the wrong game bud.

Also according to your logic we shouldn’t have any visual effects because they are not important to gameplay, what?

I didn’t say anything of the sort. I said that effects which only exist for immersion and are incorrect, thus breaking immersion, failing the one job they had, don’t make sense.

Grass, exhaust smoke, etc. are not incorrectly modeled in game. Unlike this. So they ADD to immersion, rather than breaking it.

  • Breaking immersion, but being really helpful to gameplay = Fine.
  • Adding to immersion, and doing nothing for gameplay = Also fine.
  • Breaking immersion, and also doing nothing for gameplay either = Bad

Either way, I’d love to hear a word from Gaijin as to why it was removed without notice. I hope it is brought back but only for auto cannons with high fire rates since it didn’t make much sense in machine guns with very low ammo capacities and low fire rates.

That doesnt mean they should not try to be as realistic as possible.

Tank repair is not realistic because even non pen hit would send you to hangar. Everyone would shoot at barrels and armor will be totally useless.