Why did Gaijin combine EU with russia Servers i cant understand or communicate with my team 9/10 times

As reads i cant communicate with my team because all i see in responce is russian and im not learning russian just to play this game.


almost never see that much russian text in chat. But i always see chinese

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They did what now?

who uses ingame chat to communicate

where do you find the time or situation that telling someone something over text would be useful

is that why im seeing more russian speakers in my games

I used the in game chat to relay my genuine feelings about certain things a lot.

It’s actually a strategical move to psychologically damage your enemies. But gaijin chatbanned me regardless

β€œrush B”

They didn’t.
They just changed server clusters.
There are no Russian servers anymore.

It’s North America [Colorado & Texas], Europe [probably Germany], and Asian server clusters.

and i think they carry the same packet loss problem from the asia server. i got to play that server couple times now,

i HATE that server from the very bone of my being.

Please stop making things up.
We did not combined any servers. There are server for Europe and CIS.
Players can play on whatever servers they want, we have no plans to force them to use specific servers just because they do not speak English, Russian, Chinese or any other language.

No one require from you to learn any language. If you cannot type, you can select short commands from radio and/or use map pings.

If you do not understand what your team mates are typing in chat, most probably it means they do not type to you. You need to live with the fact, that there are thousands languages on Earth and player can use them in chat if they want (as long as they do not break chat rules).