Why did devs reworked maps?

For real: what were the motivations behind these changes? ‘Tunisia’ is really worse than before. Who complained about it? Who asked for these changes/rework?


Simply put, if Gaijin modifies the map, some shooting points will be sanctioned to ensure the gaming experience of some novice players, so that they will not be killed during the journey. Of course, it is also possible to reset the familiarity of old and new players with the map location, which greatly weakens the killing ability of old players towards beginners. New players will gain a little gaming experience, so they may be willing to purchase advanced gift packages. I dare say that any absurd changes made by Gaijin are driven by a business model, and this game can be said to have lost its true historical feeling. It is just a glowing model simulator, without any fun


Tunisia did have some issues before, and the changes alliviated them. However, it brought up new issues with the map.

The hill being in play just led to everyone camping on it, and making it nearly impossible to get to any other caps later in the game. You were also able to peek over the top into the other teams spawn. In my opinion, the fix made it much better, because the teams are now more spread out.

However, there are now more issues with the map, mainly the lack of terrain and hard cover in many places. I think that the desert portion should have much more dunes, going in multiple directions. This will give cover, but also allow for many sniping spots to exist.

To answer your question, the players did. Gaijin collects map like/dislike data, and I assume that is what they use to adjust maps. I think before they adjust maps, players should be able to give feedback on what should be changd.

I have also noticed many people in the community assuming bigger maps are always better, but they aren’t.


Okay, thank you for your very constructive response. The lack of transparency from the devs is problematic. And to be honest, I think mid-range maps are the best (at least my favorites).

For me, it is less “bigger = better” and more: wider frontline = better.

Meaning, I absolutely hate linear objective maps where you’re guaranteed a point and there’s a point in the middle. While you can flank on these maps, breaking out and dislodging an entrenched enemy is much more difficult in my experience than a proper 3 point map.

Coincidentally, I find I win far more games as britain when it’s a wide frontline with all 3 points more or less equidistant from the spawns than the linear maps.

I don’t know why they emphasize narrow maps so much.

I’m not sure, either.

I am also beginning to wonder if Gaijin does not want flanks around cap points. So many maps have the caps right at the edge of the map, which often limits you to 1-2 attack angles. Even if you can flank a cap, you are often funnelled into one single route, which is just the same issue. This is bad map design, because it funnels players into an area very artificially, and it doesn’t take certain types of vehicles into consideration.


I think the opposite is happening. Conditions to force improvement have been removed, so new players continue to get seal clubbed. The removal of strategic options from maps makes them boring to play and have turned me into a major CAS enjoyer for the sake of vaiety and CAS has noticeably increased. And we all know how much new players enjoy being on the receiving end of CAS.

Just in case you didn’t know blue can Spawnsnipe from here from blue to red

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There is no valid reason to destroy all or some parts of old maps (Poland, Europe, Tunisia, Normandy, Karelia) because if it was in the purpose to ease new players, all the new maps released the last three years were made in accordance with this objective.
That means the majority of maps are now designed in this kind of “copy and paste” layout, and I guess the future maps will be the same.
So destroying old maps wasn’t necessary as there was already enough old and new maps designed in this way.

Even ignoring the flattening/red parts, maps are being made more and more narrow without room to maneuver and draw the enemy out of entrenched positions.

From what I’ve seen, new maps tend towards linear objectives where they’re only different from single-cap maps in that you have a resupply area.

This kind of favours heavily armoured vehicles that can stay and brawl near the capture point over mobile, light vehicles that in event of encountering heavy resistance can simply disengage and go poke another point that by rule will be less well defended.

Wide maps with spread out objectives are far more dynamic and fun to play, while single cap/linear objective maps turn into stalemates with a few people trying to flank against entrenched, high-concentration enemy groups (or they try to spawnkill absent objectives on the flank).

Spawnsniping is an issue, but it shouldn’t be fixed by removing flanks. Why can’t gaijin set up spawns to have “bases” or staging grounds that give cover with multiple points of egress to make oversight too hard for the enemy unless they’re spawnpushing, which only happens during stomps/after most of the enemy is dead anyway.

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