Why can't we have anti-ERA rounds?

I’d like to hear from someone else than the community on this as well, even a tech mod would be enough.


What do you mean anti-ERA? APFSDS/APDS will go right through ERA and the vehicle’s armor, and then the tandem charge ATGM’s first charge detonates the ERA and the second charge penetrates the armor.

Funny how when you shoot a T-72 Turms or any other soviet tank with ERA with APFSDS it just takes out an era block and then nothing happens.


Rounds like L27A1 were designed to perforate ERA. In game, L27A1 fails to pen ERA on tanks like the T-80 all the time. IRL, that likely wouldnt happen.

Unfortunately, it will probably never come in game because it was severely nerf the soviets and they did not poccess a shell with ERA perforation


You mean when an APFSDS goes through the ERA and then doesn’t make a successful penetration? That is what happens. It doesn’t get stopped by the ERA, it destroys the ERA and then doesn’t make it through the armor.

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Guess who will be full victims for something like that ?ofc Gaijin won’t allow Russia to suffer but right now only two rounds have anti ERA tip irl DM53 and L27A1


From what I could piece together the Relikt ERA on the T-80BVM should provide 400mm of kinetic protection. Suppisedly twice as effective as Kontact 5 at 200mm. I’m not sure which T80 you were talking about, I just went with the T80BVM because I know I have problems with killing them all the time. I’m not as knowledgeable on specific rounds like you, but I could see that quite a few rounds could be stopped by the 400mm of ERA kenetic protection and the base armor.

Yeah, thats a very common one. I dont understand how ERA perforation works entirely, but in essence, I would imagine it would mitigate most of that 400mm of KE protection as it was designed to counter it. How much it would mitigate im unsure. but certainly would perform a lot better.

L27A1 is already probably underperforming because of how they calculate in game pen.


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They really need to add anti-era tip Apfsds. Whether the Russians have it or not should matter, especially when they hardly go up against kinetic Effective era themselves.

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How exactly? We know for sure how rounds like M829A3 or DM53 work. M829A3 (and A4) uses a steel tip of around >100mm attached to a DU/WHA penetrator of at least 670mm in length. Meanwhile, DM53 uses a special tip that doesn’t trigger the detonation of the ERA.

L27A1 can’t work like M829A3 because of length limitations in the design (~660mm vs ~800mm) and a tip like DM53 seems highly unlikely given the pictures we have of L27A1.

Yea, it sounds like an interesting feature to have. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of it. It seems like it would an interesting topic to look into. But I can imagine that alot of things don’t work quite like they should. Playing mostly Aircraft I can only say that Realshatter is my favorite recent feature. Because 20mm explosive rounds won’t absolutely rip apart a plane, but such is Warthunder.

As far as I am aware it uses a special tip as well.

Yeah, Realshatter has been fun in the Spitfires.

It might come, but i doubt it. They model all shells based off dimensions, weight and velocity to avoid issues with getting accurate data. Design and composition of shells as far as I am aware is not modeled at all. This is probably why Britain got the Challenger 3 with the DM53 rounds with better pen. Because they couldnt fix L27A1

Yep, the tips are here


Realshatter has been fixed for many months.

Realshatter has been fixed for many months.

Even though the armor behind it is thinner than the pen value of the round? Happens a godawful lot…

I do not believe the Devs are against giving rounds anti ERA capabilities. However, the effectiveness of such would be limited for certain rounds, as far as which versions of heavy ERA it would work against. There also seems to be a general lack of understanding in the game community about how these ordnance interactions work.

For example, the explosives used in ERA are plastic explosives. Which are designed to be insensitive unless they are triggered by a certain amount of kinetic shock energy. They are set off by the blast shock energy of things like the detonation from a detonator fuze, the kinetic shock energy of a shaped charge jet traveling at ultrasonic velocity, or the kinetic shock energy delivered by a standard blunt tipped high mass cannon apfsds round at supersonic velocities.

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At least it’s not like Swedish fuel tanks and transmissions that absorb everything you throw at it…

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