Why Can't Veteran Players Get The New Skins From Affiliate Links?

I’ve begun to notice how after the Russianbadger sponsorship, Gaijin has only given links with rewards available for new players such as the skins for the P-40E and M4. Their most recent sponsorship (that I know of) is for Radio Tapok and his has even more rewards on top of the standard boosters, skins, and rentals available but you can’t get them unless you’re a new player. I’ve been playing since 2013 and I always tried to jump at these affiliate links whenever I saw them to get whatever decal or decoration was offered so I don’t really understand why players who made accounts before the partnership should be barred from receiving a skin for a vehicle they probably already have.

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I just did it and had no problems in obtaining it. Just input your email for your current account and off you go.

so basically pretend to make a new account and it works?

It actually says for you to log in, and then you get them on your account…

No just enter your current email account, and it’ll verify you then you’ll get a redeem button, and when you log into WT it appears.

It’ll probably download the WT.exe but just delete that and start WT up normally.


yeah i’ve done that before but when i click the link i never see a “login” button like i used to, only this
Screenshot 2023-09-29 8.31.31 PM

never mind now i see what you mean, sorry for wasting your time o7

No problem, happy to help.

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BRO HOW ive been trying too get stuff and can only see that, how you get it too work

so basically you cant get the skins but you can get the decorations, when you open the link and it shows the rewards you want to put in the email for your existing account where it says “create account”. After putting just the email it will ask if you wanna use the existing account

hmm odd i never got anything like that

If you look at the screenshot I sent back in September you’ll see what I mean, put the email in at the top and nothing else and you should see this.
Screenshot 2023-12-01 8.14.07 AM

Here’s Radio Tapok’s affiliate link: War Thunder — Registration