Why can't the spike lr2 hit helicopters anymore?

I remember when i played the vilkas that with the spike lr2 you can easily kill helis. But now it can’t even hit a helicopter from 2km away. The spikes on the ah60 do not have the same problem they can easily hit moving helicopters from 8k away


Yeah, I realized this as well, but the AH-60 was the one having issues for me

What the hell happened?

Really also on the ah60. Everytime i fired them they were to 99% a kill

No clue but it’s not just spikes. I made a report about it Community Bug Reporting System

yeah the new update messed evrything up. The even managed to give the mim 72 a smoky motor even though it has a smokeless one

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yeah and they didnt even make the derby smokeless

I’ve also survived several close (as in, an inch away from being a direct-hit close) calls from Charpabals and Stingers. Maybe its a bug, maybe they just didn’t have proxy missiles, but it was weird.

I’ve gotten quite a few kills the past few days with them, but I think that given the old guidance nerfs from a while back making any non rotating Atgm have absolutely horrible guidance, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the reasoning for any missing their targets.

Last patch, yeah. I fired 10 at a Ka-52 and none landed.

They also sometimes don’t fire right now. I hit my buttons 7 times and they refused to launch.

Typical Gaijin failing basic research on weapon platforms.

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