Why can't the LAV-AD scout?

Wonderful, what does?

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If it’s a light tank or rank V+ SPAA lacking sufficient anti-tank capabilities for self defense.

Cool, gaslighting.

I think you just want to argue mate. You immediately try and disengage from a losing battle to try and go fight with someone else. I think @TyTheGuy27 is agreeing with my view of the classification system. He simply disagrees with you on how the 2S38 should be classified in game.

Vamilad. I know you are frustrated, so I do recommend maybe going for stroll. This isn’t me saying ‘touch grass lmao!’ this is me saying you need to cool off and one of the best ways to that imo is getting far away from the keyboard. This is to the person behind the screen. I won’t belittle it for you at all. I get caught up in rage as well, its 100% normal online.

Neither of these statements follow ingame logic.

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I asked you repeatedly to stop repeating the same point if you didn’t have something new to say. Your choice to continue to repeat the same point numerous times isn’t my choice, it’s yours.

Well if I was wrong you would prove me wrong, but I don’t think you have. All you have done is complain about the classification of vehicles, which won’t make it not a real thing affecting how the game functions. Vehicle classification is a real thing in game and it does affect what a vehicle gets.

Anyways I need to go do stuff so have a good day Vamilad. I would say its a pleasure but we both know that’s not how internet arguments end (as in both parties get frustrated to straight up mad).

The LAV-AD should have been givin scout after gaijin nerf’d it’s minigun rounds


not in real life

Difference is in category they have been set on.

Wiesel → Light tank

There is your differenc

Yes I know. However in the context of warthunder it is not classified as a SPAA meaning what it has access to has no affect wether a SPAA should get scouting.


You can check this ingame lol

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The problem of LAV-AD is that it have access to FFAR rocket pod which is not a SPAAG weapon but AG weapon.



Ha my bad,… this vehicule was first intended as an IFV for paratroopers,… not as a spaag.

In game it is considered a SPAAG.

My bad,…

The LAV-AD is specifically an “Air Defense (AD)” variant of the LAV-25.

So yes, but in the same context the M13 MGMC is an SPAA even though the chassis could sport a howitzer.

What? No. It was intended as air Defense for LAV units because other SPAA couldn’t keep up.

The Wiesel Armoured Weapons Carrier (AWC) is a German light air-transportable armoured fighting vehicle, more specifically a lightly armoured weapons carrier, produced by Rheinmetall. It is quite similar to historical scouting tankettes in size, form and function, and is the only true modern tankette in use in Western Europe.

The base chassis is what I believe they’re referring to but the distinction can be found on other similar vehicles of its type that being putting an anti-air gun on a fast moving / reliable chassis.

Under historical context yes, similar to the French AMX-10P which is an IFV IRL but ingame is classified as a SPAA.

The LAV-AD is not either of those vehicles as it was always designed with anti-air in mind hence the label “Air Defense” or LAV-AD.