Why can't the LAV-AD scout?

What prevents this vehicle from being able to scout while vehicles like the wiesel can?


Because gaijin decided it didn’t need scouting. The Wiesel 1A4 is in a much worse position than the LAV-AD. The LAV-AD can deal with tanks much more efficiently than the Wiesel can meaning scouting is not necessary for the LAV-AD as it still has something to do while there are no enemy aircraft.


Good point, that’s probably why.

However I think it’d be better if all SPAA got scouting, as a general rule.

I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to.


It’s good all-around vehicle with good rotary cannon, Hydras and Stinger pod. In my hands I feel like I am playing some sort of IFV more than a SPAA but with Stingers. That’s probably why I can’t scout is ability to both attack planes and suit as a flanker to cripple unaware players.

Yet the 2S38 can do both.


bmp2m can scout and fire 10km aa missiles XD


Already said why.

SPAA are given scouting if they don’t have anti-tank capabilities. The LAV-AD has a decent cannon and rockets. Similarly, vehicles like the Gepards don’t get scouting, but Roland systems do.

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You’ve stated why the wiesel a 7.0 SPAA is not comparable to a 10.0 SPAA.

I’m asking why the LAV can’t scout.

The 2S38 has scouting.

The R3 T20 FA-HS does not have scounting.

This is not the criteria used.


Because comparatively, for their own brs, the LAV-AD has an easier time killing ground vehicles than the Wiesel 1A4.

2S38 is a light tank. R3 isn’t high enough rank to have scouting.

Gaijin’s arbitrary choice to label their advanced self propelled anti air gun that was designed to engage low flying aircraft and UAVs a “light tank” is irrelevant to the tank’s function ingame. That being an SPAA.


The 2S38 as well, why is it given scouting?

Because its classified as a light tank, not a spaa.


Repeating is pointless just don’t respond if you don’t have something new to say.

Its doesn’t matter what you think it should be classified as in game. What matters is what it currently IS classified as because ALL vehicles classed as light tanks get scouting no ifs, no ands, no buts.

Edit: I forgor to mention but only light tanks rank II and above get scouting.


When did I state what I think it should be classified ingame has relevance?

The vehicle is an SPAA IRL.

This game nominally is meant to be “realistic”. Gaijin’s choice to make an ahistorical classification has zero bearing on the vehicle’s purpose and use ingame.

The exact same thing can be said about the LAV-AD which current lacks scouting as a feature for no discernable reason when SPAAs of its tier are given the ability.

Gaijin’s haphazard inclusion of scouting is frustrating and I would like clarification on it other than “it doesn’t have it because it doesn’t have it”.

M18 is classified as a light tank. AMX-10P is an SPAA. TAM is a light tank. Jumbo is a heavy tank. M26 is a medium. War Thunder has never tried to perfectly classify vehicles. That is because the classification system is arbitrary, and each nation has their own systems with all sorts of classes of vehicles. Beyond that the 2S38 is very much a light tank, no matter what your opinion is.