Why can't the LAV-AD scout?

SPAAs have bearing on this discussion, yes.

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The light tank with an autoloaded 57mm cannon is comparable to a wheeled vehicle with a rotary cannon, radar, Anti-Aircraft missiles, and rockets with air defense in the name? How do you figure? Not to mention the other more similar counterparts, such as the Gepard 1A2 or 2S6.

Lets be more specific. No ambiguity. We are talking about a fictional classification by gaijin, in a game called warthunder, that affects the abilities of said vehicle in the game warthunder.

The classification doesn’t effect the ability to scout. The ability to scout is applied arbitrarily.

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The autoloaded cannon which has modern fire control systems and ammunition allowing it to fire proxy shells which are immensely more efficient at SPAA than direct hits from small rounds is anti air, yes.

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Being able to accomplish a single objective relatively equally effectively using dramatically different methods doesn’t make two things “direct counterparts”. If that’s the case then the BMP-2M and Merkava IV LIC are direct counterparts as they both are capable of supporting an urban infantry assault. The Ka-50 and F-15E are direct counterparts as both are good at precision strikes. The HMMWV and CV90 are direct counterparts as both provide good forward screening and reconnaissance.

The LAV-AD doesn’t receive scouting because it is primarily an SPAA with good anti-tank capabilities. For the same reasons, actual counterparts like the Gepard 1A2, 2S6, PGZ04A, and SIDAM Mistral do not receive scouting.

Yet the same can not be said about the 2S38.

Then go create a thread “why does the 2S38 get scouting” and complain there.

I don’t own the 2S38, I own the LAV-AD.

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So lets have a fresh start. Hi, I’m CTCrusader.

I know you don’t understand how the classification system works in warthunder but let me explain it to you.

Warthunder has several vehicle classifications for air, ground, and sea vehicles. Today I will only be explaining the ground system.

There are several classifications of vehicles in warthunder:

Light tank, Medium Tank, Tank Destroyers, Heavy Tanks, and SPAA.

These classifications determine what a vehicle will receive or can receive in certain cases (I’ll get to that later).

Light tanks are some of the most common class of vehicles in warthunder. These vehicles almost always lack armor and are generally able to go very fast compared to other vehicles at their battle rating. They also can gain access to more abilities than any other vehicle classification in game.

Light tanks always get artillery, scouting (only rank II and above), and drones (only rank VI and above and at rank VIII the drones get thermals).

Medium tanks are the second common class with light tanks. They include main battle tanks (MBT) as well. These vehicles are generally middle of the pack for everything when compared to other vehicles at their own battle rating. They all gain access to artillery.

Tank destroyers are an interesting class of vehicles. They include stuff like missile tanks as well as casemate vehicles (tanks without turrets). These vehicles don’t gain access to anything as their guns are very powerful.

Heavy tanks are the behemoths of warthunder. They include vehicles that are large, considered generally survivable, and are usually slow (comparatively for their battle ratings). They also don’t get anything as their survivability is their main advantage. Consider them the Yang to tank destroyers.

Now we reach the final class, SPAA (self propelled anti air vehicles). These are dedicated solely to keeping your skies clear so the sun can still shine. All receive artillery. Due to the tedious nature of some SPAA being only able to efficiently kill air vehicles, they receive scouting.

However there are some dark SPAA capable of shredding entire enemy teams thanks to their rapid fire rate, sufficient penetration on their gun, and sometimes high speed that allows them to decimate everyone in their path all the way from heavy tanks to enemy fighter aircraft. These vehicles are FORBIDDEN from receiving scouting due to the above reasons.

But being serious for a sec any SPAA that can actually kill most enemy tanks won’t receive scouting because they have the ability to well

  1. Defend themselves and
  2. Actively and easily contribute to the late game when there are no air targets

So yeah that’s the warthunder vehicle classification system 101.

Edit: So I just realized today that the ASU-57 has scouting as does several other smaller, light tank destroyers. Now this is weird and much less understandable then giving defenceless spaa scouting however the pattern is usually the tank destroyers that get scouting are more similar to light tanks with little armor, are fast, and most are small (looking at you ASU-85 and Type-60 ATM).

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War Thunder’s vehicle classification system is arbitrary and suits Gaijin’s interests not real world vehicle classification.

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Then perhaps don’t build your entire argument on it.

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As I said its how warthunder works. You want to complain about some vehicle being mis-classified go make a new thread talking about it. IRL designations hardly matter in warthunder.

I don’t have an argument as to why the LAV-AD doesn’t have scouting. I have a sense of confusion as to why it doesn’t have scouting while other comparable vehicles of its BR do.

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That is not the topic of this thread.

Then don’t bring it up. Also lmao you didn’t even read what I wrote earlier. You took less than 1 minute to respond. You just latched straight onto what you thought would be a winning argument.

You also don’t have an argument for why the vehicle should receive scouting, despite the majority of comparable vehicles also lacking it.

I haven’t.

Why should the LAV-AD not be given scouting? It’s a light vehicle which traverses the map wandering for targets. It seems well suited for this ability.

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Because that’s not what determines whether a vehicle does or should receive scouting.