Why can't the f4ej be equipped with aim7e2? It's also f4e!

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I don’t think they ever received them I think the Japanese only every acquired the licensing for the basic -7E model (AIM-7J) then procured the -7F when it became available.

The main difference between the -7E and -7E-2 is the halved minimum range and improved early maneuvering coefficients. and as such would have little impact on performance in an interceptor role and the Sidewinder is the preferred ordnance for a dogfight / rear Aspect engagement anyway so is of little consequence for the most part.

And as the automatic switching between preset lead coefficients that the dogfight computer would provide isn’t modeled; the -E2(DF) [which had the preset set on the ground manually] it should be less energy efficient against maneuvering target (The -7F should be energy optimized, but currently still uses a look up table for the lead multiplier)

They never had the E2 version. Instead gaijin can go 2 ways to make the standard EJ more better.
1.) Add the AAM-2 which was tested only on that aircraft. It is pretty much an AIM-4D on steroids.

2.) Or add AIM-9ls standard EJs did eventually receive them.


I prefer neither, as 11.0 is a fine BR.
That and we’ll soon be getting 12.3 where 11.0 will be the new 10.7.

Why would it go up in BR if it got AAM-2s?
Do you really think a slatless, PDless, gimmick missile (all aspect ~9J equivalent) having phantom is the same tier as the Kurnass 2000 with slats, PD radar and vastly superior armament (both A2A and A2G)?

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I mean the standard EJ is probably the most average Phantom in the game with nothing really going for it. It has no Agile Eagle, no E2s, old radar, AIM-9Ps regular acceleration and top speed. It could use something to stand out and thats why AAM-2s would be perfect it would be something unique and good but not anything op neither. Plus it would finally introduce a domestic Japanese air to air missile it’s a win win.