Why can't I equip the M919s on the Bradley?

I can’t understand this, even though I’ve unlocked them, I can’t use them and it’s really absurd, those bullets are essential for this medium. it’s an injustice since other 10.0 light vehicles have APDFS, like the BMP-2M for example or the VCC80/30 or LVKV 9040C

You’ll need to be more specific if anyone can troubleshoot it for you.

What does it say in the ammo list in the modification screen?

Try equipping a different type of ammo in the modification screen and the ammo you actually want might become available, you can test if it works in test drive. This is one of the most confusing bugs in the game, only affects a few vehicles

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I finally got a bug, uninstalled and installed the game and they appeared in the bullet selection