Why can't gaijin fold WZ1001 with ZTZ99A? Isn't it a discrimination against CN vehicles?

The new tech tree changes seem to ignore the fact that WZ1001 as one of the prototypes of ZTZ99A, shares much in common with the latter. Gaijin chose to violently move it to the left side after CM11 which is literally a piece of scrap metal and the future MBT-2000. This is extremely disappointing when compared to the twin Strv 122s in Swedish tech tree and the twin Type90s and Type10s or even the Challenger2s. This is contrary to Gaijin’s words of reducing the research points of tech tree vehicles.
If we take a more detailed look in the Chinese tech tree, we can find more frustrating examples like the Chinese M60A3 TTS which uses the obsolete M735 shot while having the same battle rating as its American brother which has better APFSDS and additional ERA bricks, and the Type 69 which once shared the same br with Soviet T-55s but had significantly worse APFSDS shot.
So, can Gaijin stop its discrimination against Chinese vehicles, or at least fix the wrong place of the WZ1001 in the new tech tree? It’s nothing but provocation against Chinese vehicles’ players.


The WZ1001 has no place in the ROC/LT line, sweden gets their MBTs foldered and reduced in RP, but china has to research a whole new line to get the 2nd top tier mbt