Why can YAK38 use R60 at level 9.3?

How should planes without heat decoys avoid the 30G R60?

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Not let it get behind you. The Yak-38 is a flying sausage, it can barely turn, its only advantage is the missiles and its speed. Anything faster than it crucifies it, and anything that can outturn it can just fly defensively, it doesnt have the elevator flick ability the F104 does, so will struggle to get any gun solutions. If you are really struggling versus them, if the plane you are carrying has rockets available, you can carry them and use them as countermeasures, as R-60’s have little to no resistance.


You said a bunch of useless things.

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bruh how are you a player with 16k battles and you dont know this?


I agree with you but

It has good AOA and the R-60 whilst not all aspect has quite good FOV. The Hunter cannot turn really either and yet it is at 9.7 with different but equal missiles.

I think better to have 1 plane at a higher br than another

Nah he was useful, basically if you see it behind you turn sharply inwards to deny it the lock, if they launch chances are you outpull the missile, then you need to reverse it and either missile it, gun it, or bait into a dogfight, if they Boom and zoom you can’t do much but neither can they because the gun is shit to aim.

Which aircraft below 10.0 can obtain such excellent missiles?

that wasnt the question… -_-

Most missiles below 10.0 are 10G missiles, so just dodge them casually. 20G is not easy to dodge. What are you trying to dodge with these 30G missiles? Bullshit!

T2 has aim 9j… and its much more capable platform overall

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Because the yak 38 is one of the few planes so bad, it wont even be able to launch them against a competent player.


Because it’s a boat with wings. The missiles hardly mean anything since you hardly ever get into a position to use them…

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As others have said, the yak38 can hardly turn. R60 is also not able to hold energy well. In an ambush, the r60 on the yak38 will do great.

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Should all of the 104’s be moved to 9.3 while being given AIM-9L’s? I bet you’ll answer this question differently.

Lol what? F104 is a better flight model and gun than the yak 38. Not to mention that the aim9l is leagues better than the r60


The f104 is already one of the best 9.3… far better than the yaks, plus its arguably more manoeuvrable.


That’s my bad, I was thinking of the Yak-141 (which has a more comparable top speed).

Both of these aren’t true, the Yak is far more maneuverable.

Flight model I don’t agree with but the gun is just wrong. The Yak can carry two wing-mounted cannons that allow for more ammunition of a higher caliber while still being able to carry two 30G missiles.

Anyways, something more comparable (Yak confusion taken into account) would be to give the F3H-2 the 9L, giving it an all-aspect missile to make up for the lack of maneuverability.

Man have you ever played the yak, the f104 is leages ahead

One vulcan is still better than two gun pods that only drags you down, plus you can much more ammunition per gun and while having a longer trigger time

The r60 is not all aspect…

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Clearly you either have no idea what you are talking about or just here in bad faith.

You are still comparing the r60 to the aim9l. Not to even mention thinking that loading additional weight to a jet with terrible maneuverability would help it in anything other than headons.

Clearly they are equal if you ignore the aim9l having
1: all aspect
2: better range
3: better tracking
4: better flare resistance
5: better energy retention