Why can YAK38 use R60 at level 9.3?

He also compared the f2h maneuverability to the yak, while the f2h can literally do dunuts around the yak…

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I said giving the F3H-2 an all-aspect missile to make up for the lack of maneuverability. The best rear-aspect option is the 20G 9J, which isn’t as maneuverable as the 9L and definitely not as much as the 9L.

It is a tradeoff, the Yak-38 gets a rear-aspect 30G missile and the F3H-2 gets an all-aspect 25G missile.

1: It is a tradeoff
2: It’s rear-aspect range is comparable to the range of the R-60, and the all-aspect range is worse than the lock range of the R-60
3: The guidance doesn’t seem that much worse going off of the datamine
4: Hard to tell based off of the files
5: This just doesn’t appear to be true

Are you referring to the Aim-7C? It can’t hit anything, and on a good day can hit 15Gs, not 25.

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Oh, you actual have zero idea about anything.
1: all aspect is not a trade off, it is objectively better. What is there to trade off? Both are 30g
2: yes, the lock range is the same, but the aim9l is able to reacher further due to a better motor.
3: read #2

He is refering to the aim9l. He thinks it has 25g and is comparable to the regular r60

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No I’m saying the F3H-2 should get the 9L if the Yak-38 gets the R-60

The 30G is news to me, did they change that recently?

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Pretty sure it has always been 30g. Unless it was 25g when it was in dev

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Oh yeah ok than.

Wait what…

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What lack of maneuverability? If anything it would lack speed…

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Yeah. We are just as confused


Insert always has been meme*

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I got you
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You kinda can’t, just don’t let it get behind you, otherwise, you’re completely screwed. However, that plane are you using?

I have made a minor spelling error and will now end it all

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Well then, at the very least giving the F3H-2 at least 6x AIM-9J’s would be somewhat of a counter to the 4x R-60’s of the Yak-38

So shifting the goal post…, give them to it and move it to 9.3, it woldnt change much, you would still get beaten by an f104

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Okay. And give the pe8 a radar set and 6 R77s

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It’s not really shifting the goalpost if I’ve gotten something wrong (which two major goofs isn’t necessarily a great track record for me in any thread).

Bruh a comparable airframe getting two more missiles that are worse than those of the Yak-38 is somehow giving a Pe-8 ARH missiles, ok.

My bad. I thought we were taking turns giving outlandish demands

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Worse in your utopia, the are just as good, they are just better in different scenarios