Why can planes no longer capture points in GRB?

I landed on a point at the very end of a match, my fellow random squadmate laughed and congratulated me. Afterward he DM’d me asking if planes could no longer capture points, because he heard somewhere that that got removed.

I noticed I hadn’t got any progress bar when I landed, so I was confused too. So I played a few more matches until I got the opportunity to do it again, surprise surprise, he was right. Planes can no longer capture points. I don’t usually have time to read all the patch notes, so I have no idea when this happened.

Is there even any reason why? It’s not like this was a game breaking thing, it’s a thing very few people even try, fewer succeed. It just sucks the fun out of the game for me when they make changes like this.


As far as I know, it wasn’t mentioned in any patch notes at all.

Yet another under the radar change nobody talks about because it’s so rare.

Definitely a change for the worse


Raise it as a bug and see what tech team say.

There was an enemy on the point with you;
Or it’s not a bug.

You can clearly see there is no enemies on the point with him in the first screenshot, and that he doesn’t have the capture progress bar in the middle of his UI.

Yes, it was mentioned in some patch or datamine few weeks ago.

For me, it’s more of a bug.
On your second screen, the red letter is clearly enlarged, indicating that it has detected that you’re in the area.

Anyone try with a helicopter or floatplane yet? If either of those are affected it’s definitely a bug.

Patch notes when it got removed said just planes got it removed, VTOL and helis can still cap.

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It’s one of the rare occurrences, where Gaijin forces player behavior…

But imo, if someone is able to cap a point via a plane… Just reward it fgs…

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Yeah this. This is what I read when I dug for answers on reddit. My question is just why? I don’t get the point of letting VTOL aircraft do it but not fixed wings. Finding a good landing route was always a fun challenge.

Just a decision made at the top, executed by part time employees and students…

Edit: If they would know what they’re doing, it wouldn’t be possible for everything airborne.

Spaghetti Code…

Do we really want planes to be able to capture in GRB? Kudos for landing it, but still, I can understand why they removed it

Thanks for this info.

Yes, yes we do. It’s called GRB but we’re told over and over its mixed forces combat so either change the name, create some kind of air point that must be captured or at the very least let fixed wing aircraft camp by landing (even if it’s almost impossible on many maps.

The name is accurate.

Why would you not? How often does it really happen? Plus it creates a fun and interesting bit of extra gameplay.

That said, if they really have removed it either intentionally or as a bug, that explains why the last couple of touch and go decap attempts Ive made with planes havent started the decap, which is annoying

Just managed to touch down on the C cap in Stalingrad, just enough room to pass between the fuel tanks.
No decap.

The patch notes indicated only helicopters and VTOL aicraft could capture GB points now.

A “great” change nobody asked for, which removed a way to play the objectives which was fun and required skill. Now, an aircraft without a target can circle around instead of being useful.

Yeah, you can revert that Gaijin.


Where are the patch notes that said that it was even removed?

((Edit - I don’t even think it was what you read… I remember what you may be referring to, but I actually don’t think it was directly referring to this.))