Why can every aircraft with sparrows guide them except the f-16a block 10 (AJ), F-16a ADF (US ITA) and China's F16 MLU?

aim7m/aim7f aren’t really bad missiles (regardless the prior topic I made shiddin on them) but it’s the issue with an-apg66 radars and it’s children.

Radars which operate in HPRF are more restrictive in the aspects in which they will hold a lock and force you to take better shots with Sparrows. By contrast firing in MPRF as can be found on the F-16’s you mentioned can be deceptive. MPRF radars can hold a lock in challenging aspects better than HPRF (with some exceptions) those aspects are also much harder for the Sparrows to track from.


how does this justify sparrows completely missing head on shots from 5km away?

It doesn’t? You asked why some radars seem to guide them better, I suggested with more restrictive radars you’re more likely to take better shots.

I wouldn’t expect a miss from a Sparrow inside of 5km against a hot aspect target unless the target was hiding in multipath.


so you’re saying that the f16a radar is worse than that of a tomcat or an f-4s?

No, just the Tomcat and F-4’s have much more restrictive radars that can only holding a track in HPRF in a limited aspect, just so happens that aspect is the best aspect for Sparrows.


I don’t doubt F-16AJ (JASDF), F-16A Block 15 ADF (ANG) and F-16A Block 20 MLU (ROCAF) accessed AIM-7 Sparrow

But in fact F-16A Block 15 ADF from Aeronautica Militare armed active radar homing BVRAAM AIM-120 AMRAAM only

so why can a tomcat and an f4s launch a sparrow at a target going cold and strike, while the f16’s sparrow will go away?

F-16’s can do that as well?

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do you actually play the game?

Yes, I have fired literally thousands of sparrows.



it was sarcasm, and I see you don’t play f-16s. Good job.

the first clip shows a launch i would score solidly with m2k, the second one is a target going cold. Why did the first sparrow fly away? Why did the second sparrow fly straight instead of tracking?

@Gunjob Dont rise to it, all this guy does is bait and troll

I don’t think you actually understand the mechanics in game or let alone when the UI is telling you the missile cannot see the target;

Single green circle with no outer red circle.

Heres a shot from the F-16 “I don’t have”, no outer circle the missile cannot see the target.

Missile can kinda see the target;

Missile can see the target;

This is literally a skill issue.


Poor Gunjob forced to use a F-16 instead of a Fox


That shut him up. I personally think the sparrows are the best ARH in the game just because if you fire them at a decent height the missles will sometimes still predict where the target is going even after losing lock. It also turns very well and it is very difficult to dodge if you are above 1000 meters. It can even be reliably shot when you are close to the ground to a target above the ground and track wonderfully. Mainly with the f16 sense it seems to track people above and below you better than other jets.

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Sparrows are SARH, not ARH. They also don’t have IOG to predict where the target was going to be - if it still hits after lock loss it must have been close enough to glide straight into the target.

Regardless, no SARH in the game comes close to the 27ER, which has Data link and IOG, combined with superior flight performance.


I show shots where the f16 has no launch solution but other radars would do
this is literally a skill issue

my honest reaction: 💀

that video was just a showcase but here is another one for ye.


Not only the multipath effect on f16 radar is severe, the missile straight up doesn’t track from the beginning.

Now with F4J:

far away


target going cold. I tried to record the two disks showing up but windows sometimes fails to show the game bar and exits me to desktop instead

Same for every aircraft.

look-up with a clean background not look down, impacts seeker effectiveness.

Much closer range than your F-16 examples. Again increasing seeker performance.