Why can every aircraft with sparrows guide them except the f-16a block 10 (AJ), F-16a ADF (US ITA) and China's F16 MLU?

I’m sorry i meant SARH and i should have clarified what I said I was trying to convey that the sparrows track the biggest radar signature so sometimes they just completely ignore chaff even if your radar switches on chaff.

That’s the illumination cone still highlighting the target, think of the illuminator as a flash light rather than a laser.


Oh ok just one question why when i’m going mach 1.3 in my F-16C and get a wonderful lock and it shows the two rings why does the sparrow sometimes decide it is going to overlead, lose lock or fly straight. I’m launching it in perfect conditions to a target with only sky behind them. Can the sparrow not handle going off the rail at this speed?

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I’d need to see the server replay, what’s normally happening in these situation is there are a few targets in the illumination cone and the missile is going for another target which drops out of the cone which is trained on the intended target. This isn’t going to be the case 100% of the time, I can’t rule out some funny business but yeah most likely seeker locked to a different target.

This is where the R-27 series with IOG and DL really shine as that keeps it from getting off mission.


Ok i’m not going to be able to get a clip sense i’m on console. I’ll try later but right know i’m away from my console

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You should be able to link me the server replay, head here my guy;


I sadly do not have a computer but i’m sure i’ll figure out how to fix my sparrows because I know i’m doing something wrong.

There we go :)


I hope gajin consider Python 4 replacement AIM-9M sidewinder & AIM-7M Sparrow on F-16D Block 40 Barak for next major update because it’s time, never armed AIM-7 Sparrow and never access AIM-9M but without BVRAAM Derby

Still nothing it is fine but thank you 4 trying to help


I have a sneaking suspicion this man likes to play tornado.


I’ve been rumbled.


If challenging aspects means high closure or escape rates, yes.

The outer circle doesn’t refer to the missile “seeing” the target, only the probability of a kill. Once the reticle turns red, the missile is guaranteed to track from the rail. You can launch a little before that, but it will take a bit for the missile to ascertain any signal, and past that the outer circle only changes with the probability of a kill.

When a SARH missile is the best ARH missile in the game, you know you need better ARH missiles

It isn’t a LSZ/NEZ it is literally quality of lock. You can have a perfect full circle but be beyond rMax.