Why can a player do this? (CAS Topic)


In this Replay, Неверовский spawns in four aircraft BACK-TO-BACK on his first FOUR spawns and gets 11 kills from it. He only spawns a tank in his fifth and sixth deaths, at which point he leaves.

I’m positive the only reason he didn’t use ANOTHER aircraft is because I shot his Mig-27 down the moment he spawned in it.

Look, I’m not Anti-CAS and I actually like helicopters when they use rockets and bombs, but this is ridiculous. There should either be an aircraft spawn limit per game or an increase to SP for CAS related loadouts.

Ground Battles should primarily be about ground battles. A player shouldn’t spawn four aircraft the moment they load into a match. It’s just dumb.


doesn’t matter, that thesecond flight on the plane costs 1100+ points? Can you remind how much nuke costs?

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The Nuke shouldn’t be affected.

I just don’t believe you should be allowed to spawn in a Ka-50, Su-25, Ka-50, and Mig-27 back to back in ground battles.

It’s ground battles for a reason after all. I myself use helicopters, so I’m not annoyed, and he didn’t kill me. You can watch the replay linked in my post.

I’m simply frustrated that it’s possible to do such a thing in a match which should be focused on the ground.